Saturday, January 26, 2013

Don't have anything special to write about but thought I'd update anyway just to keep notes for myself about my journey.

Had a great day with my son, sister-in-law and nephew. We very rarely get to spend time together so was awesome!

Eating is still going good. I need to get back to counting my points. Did fall off the wagon on that. I get self-conscious about figuring points while I'm at work so was just figuring them in the evenings after I ate which defeated some of the purpose. But I need to get it over it and just do it while at work plus I know what I'm taking for snacks so I could notate that stuff ahead of time and just have to figure if I eat anything unplanned.

I've really become attached to the phrase "Lose it like you intend to live it" so I'm not doing without anything I feel like I have to have but am just having smaller portions and not as often. Did have a small episode (previously would have been a full on binge) one evening this week but I kept it smaller than it previously would have been and that cured my wanting that particular food. Had another day I was craving this particular candy bar so I got one..but instead of a king size I bought a regular size and instead of walking out with several candy bars I walked out with one! I also bought a fountain pop and it was a small instead of my "used to be normal" huge and I wound up throwing it away because it was too sweet!! omg!! Thrilled with that. I've been drinking water the rest of the week. I'm so very proud of myself! Most of my snacks this week have been fruit or crackers. I think so far it's working okay.

Workouts are going great. Today I did 3 miles in under a hour on the treadmill..not much under an hour but I'll take it! lol Worked out for 1:10 and 3.31 miles and spent 50 minutes of that with 1% incline. A few weeks ago I would never have done the time or incline. I have some workouts where I do 5 minute spurts with higher incline and speed but I would like to get to where I spend the entire time at atleast a 1% incline to make it feel more like it does outside.

I do get some energy from my workouts but more often I'm just flat out exhausted! Am sure that will change but it's worth writing down so I remember this feeling.

I have the 3k walk in a month!! I know I can handle it on the treadmill but nervous about doing it outside. Think it will be a huge boost of confidence when I cross that finish line!!

As of last Wednesday I've lost a total of 22lbs from my heaviest! I took some measurements in December and promised myself I would weight til end of January to recheck. Pretty sure I've lost some inches in the waist at least cause I think my pants are fitting loose in the waist. Keep telling myself "I think they are loose" so as not to get my hopes

Need to get new walking shoes and hoping to get them in the next few weeks. Feet are pretty painful anytime I'm on them but of course those workouts make it worse. While on the treadmill, I'm having trouble with my toes (one foot is worse than the other) kind of going numb but yet burning...don't know how to explain it. Not sure if shoes will fix that or if it's caused by my weight.

I've been very strict about stretching afterwards and so far (cross my fingers!) I haven't had a problem with plantar faciates(sp). Am having some soreness and pain in the front of my calves and was meeting with dr for something else so mentioned it and he said it's not a true shin splint but muscles that are too tight and pulling so doing stretches randomly through out the day to help that.

Overall I'm very pleased with how I'm doing with exercise and eating and I'm extremely happy with my life as a whole! I haven't been this happy and had this much inner peace in a long time. Think it's a combo of therapy and the divorce. The divorce was hard and financially I'm worse off then when we were married but I'm so much happier (and my son is beyond happy!) that it def makes it worth it. There is no doubt that my son would rather us be without things then still be living with my ex. Makes me feel good that he is mature enough to feel that way.

I'm adjusting okay to all the time alone. I mean he is only a junior so still lives at home but goes through periods where he is busy so not home much. There are def perks to this age the fact that I go straight to the gym after work and don't usually get home til 6:30-7 and I know he'll be okay and if he's too hungry to wait for dinner he can fix it himself. So I'm getting much better about taking time and doing things for me.

And for a blog where I thought I didn't have much to say I'm made it long enough. But do feel better putting that all in writing..makes me feel like I've made a lot of progress and reminds me how content I am :D
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