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Biggest Loser RunWalk 10k- COMPLETE!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wow. Today seemed to start out like a disaster. We got to the race and while standing in line to take photos my hubby ate my Blox. I was upset because I needed those. I can't really eat before I run or I get a really upset stomach so I was depending on simple carbs to keep me going 6.2 miles and he ate them! I have a hard time registering my tone and I guess I didn't say "Those were not your breakfast" very nicely. Maybe I was being too dramatic; I have been extra emotional lately. So he walked off in a huff. I felt like sobbing. I guess it was all my nerves and the excitement of it all. I almost packed it all up and went home.
I am so glad I didn't!!!
The race was awesome. There were five different terrains: rocks and trail, mulch, gravel, asphalt, and cement.
My first mile is always my toughest. You would think that the last mile would be, but for me, is the first. It is basically my warm up and I have a hard time breathing. My body adjusts to the motion and it normally takes me until after mile 2 to settle into my pace.
We finally made it out of the wooded, uphill terrain onto the asphalt and joined back up with the 5kers. Less than a mile later, we split off again onto mulch for over a mile. Then we took a trek onto the gravel for a mile or more. Then back on the asphalt for another loop, meeting up with the finishing 5kers. We made made one more loop around and it was off to the finish line.
My previously angry husband had over an hour to cool off. When I came around the bend and onto to the track (we started and ended in a stadium), my daughter ran up to hug me and my husband had a huge grin. My 5 year old ran the last leg of the race with me and we crossed the finish line together. I was overcome with emotion and tears filled my eyes. A gentleman put my Inaugural Biggest Loser 10K medal around my neck.


My husband was beaming. He gave me a huge hug, exclaiming "YOU DID GREAT BABE! YOU DID REALLY GREAT! WOW!"

1:16:26 was my official time. I did it. I finished a 10k. Incredible. I can't wait for the next one.
Oh and met Dan and his mom from Biggest Loser at the Expo last night. So score!

My head band reads "In my dreams, I am a Kenyan"

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