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2013 - The Year of No Excuses

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Okay, I know we're more than 3/4 through January and I still haven't updated my "goals for 2013" (as I'd promised in my last blog). That's largely because I've been taking things week by week lately, making small goals as I go along. And it's been working.

It's actually working really well.

The first week of the month, I started tracking again (and made spinning the Spark wheel every day a priority again). Just tracking, and spinning the wheel. The second week of the month, I moved from just tracking to actively trying to stay within my calorie ranges and making good choices based on what I'd eaten during the course of the day. I now feel totally back in control, and in "the zone" (and am staying consistently on the lower end of my range most days). Now it's a matter of keeping the momentum going now the habit is established!

Back when I first started school over the summer, I remember blogging about how excited I was with the fact Cincinnati State has a gym, and since they have certificate programs for Personal Training I might be able to get trainers for free. But when I actually WENT to the gym, I felt intimidated and out of place - it seemed to be filled with athletes and young college students, and I missed my "gym home" - and used the fact I still had my other membership - not that I was using it - not to go back. NOW I don't have that crutch to fall back on. Nor do I have the excuse of "there isn't time between class and having to go to work" - not when I get out of class by 10:30 AM on Mondays and 9 AM on Wednesdays (and honestly, I'm done by 11:20 AM the other 2 days which is tight, but still gives me enough time to get home, shower, eat leftovers and get to work on time). SO, the 2nd week of the month, I screwed my courage to the sticking place (and convinced my daughter to come along for moral support), and went back to the gym. Twice. Because you know what I saw THIS time? People like me! My age, or my size, knocking it out on the machines like rock stars, not caring about the jocks and jockettes around them! And as I've gone back, I keep seeing more and MORE - and it hit me, this is a community college and is FULL of us non-traditional students, and I should have remembered that and not let my first experience put me off. The next week I made it to the gym 3 times. This past week, I ALSO made it to the gym 3 times, even though it meant I had to go on one of the days I have later classes because the holiday meant school - and thus the gym - was closed on Monday (why I now know it's possible to squeeze in, even if the timing is tight). I am THRILLED that I pulled that off, and now I know I have no excuses not to take advantage of what is included in my tuition and GET 'ER DONE!

When I made myself face the scale (and the damage I'd done) on New Years Day, I was back up to 208 lbs (which is actually lower than the highest I got during this slump - I think I actually saw 213 at some point, but I didn't record it so I'm using 208 as my official "high weight" and starting point). As of last Sunday I was back in ONEderland at 199.5 lbs. I weighed early today (official weigh in day for me is on Sundays, so I'll wait until tomorrow and record that weight on the tracker) and it showed 197.5 lbs - which means I've LOST 10 POUNDS since the beginning of the year.
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Meanwhile, having recognized how very much I seem to rely on having races or fitness events to work towards, I've come up with a few tentative plans. Note - they are tentative ONLY due to finances - and I have NO IDEA how I am going to able to afford ANY of this (if things don't change pretty soon, the money just won't be there, we are literally living paycheck to paycheck right now, and I'm starting to realize just how much those $100 gift cards I got as bonuses over the holidays saved GODS things are tight). But I'm going to TRAIN like it's a done deal anyway, and if I can't afford the race I'll do the same distance on my own anyway - no excuses (I think that's the theme for 2013).

emoticon March 17 - American Heart Association Heartwalk and Mini-Marathon
- This is a yearly tradition for me, whether or not I decide to be a team leader (which I've kicked around in a couple of different ways - maybe through work, maybe attempt a Sparkpeople team again). Being reasonable, though, I think just getting some family to join me and doing the Heartwalk would be an extremely good first step back into "eventing", so that's what I'm focusing on.

emoticonMay 4 - Flying Pig Marathon - 5K
I've decided I just don't have the time, finances (or shoes...and I'd need new shoes) to go for the half marathon this year. BUT, there are a ton of Sparkpeople coming into town this time (and I've gotten over myself and decided to stop whining about "how come when *I* tried to organize something..." and just enjoy the fact that it's happening THIS year) and I want to do more than help organize and volunteer. Plus, I STILL haven't ever actually RUN a full 5K - that's a pretty worthy goal to be working towards, and I think 4 months is a reasonable time frame.

emoticonJuly 27 - MuckFest MS
This is a biggie - I WILL do this, one way or another. I've also mentioned it at work, and a few of my co-workers (who also run) have expressed interest in putting a team together. I've also mentioned it to a resident or two, and there has been interest expressed in going to support us - see, this is a Warrior Dash type event that is being done all over the country to support MS! Which is what most of our residents have! I just sent an inquiry to the organizers to see if there's any way we could collaborate with the local event, considering where I work is one of only 3 homes like it in the country, that specifically caters to people living with MS (most of our residents are around my age, some even younger in their 20s and 30s). One way or another, I'm organizing a team for this and am hoping to get a LOT of participation - stay tuned for details! (And here's the website - there are events planned all over the country for those who can't travel to Cincinnati for the one in July, check the "event info" tab:

I'm also kicking around the idea of doing the closest Biggest Loser RunWalk Race Series event to me - it's in April in Laurel Indiana, which is only an hour drive from me, and it's another "Warrior Dash" type race with mud and obstacles (yay!). Anybody else interested?
Here's the link:

I need to pick a few races farther out so I don't lose momentum like I did after The Pig last year - taking suggestions!

All in all, it feels GREAT to be back on track again. I mentioned to 'Yote yesterday that after just 2 weeks of making the gym 3 times, I realized I wasn't feeling NEARLY as beat-up at the end of the week as I have been so far this semester (after 3 or 4 days working till 11, getting up at 6am for school and maybe getting 4 hours of sleep if I'm lucky, I've been dragging by Thursday and don't even ask about how I feel by Friday). I'm getting excited about races. I'm thinking about starting some kind of support group for those of us "less than skinny" people using the gym at school - maybe even starting a Cincinnati State Spark Team or something. Hearing about upcoming races is EXCITING (instead of depressing like it was when I was being a slug and letting my weight creep back up again). I've caught the fire again, and it FEELS FABULOUS!
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