embarrassing and heartbreaking time at the nursing home....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I finally felt decent enough to go visit dad today and this is the first time seeing the new rehab place NOT IMPRESSED! It has over 300 patients in it and omg my heart was breaking as we took dad for a walk thru the halls.
Little old people sitting by their doorways waiting for someone to pass by and wave hello too it was so heart breaking... You can tell the ones that don't have family that visit them cause they are starved for attention, I almost felt like I was at Briar Cliff ( a fictional home on TV show American Horror). This facility is over 100 years over and it just felt creepy and of course as we're walking down the hall we see a empty body bag and by the time we walk back it's got a body in it (may that poor soul rest in peace).
My dad was happy to see me and a little bit after we got there they took him for Occupational Therapy, so we got to watch him do therapy. The therapist was very nice and I thought a little more aggressive then I thought they'd be which will get him out of there sooner. I felt so bad for my dad cause as he went to get up for like the 4th time his pants fell down and he was exposed I know I felt embarrassed and I can only imagine how he felt as I quickly turned my head away and my husband helped the female therapist help him with his pants. I'm just glad my son wasn't there to see that I know he'd of felt even more embarrassed if it had happened in front of my son.
Passing thru the halls we found a nice sitting room and we saw a few patients that really weren't all there which was sad to see. One little old lady kept saying I don't know what to do ( I guess she says that all the time, constantly) so my husband said oh just sit there and enjoy the view, she said to him Oh boy I know what to do for you hahaha she said it in a naughty type of manner and my husband says to me as we got further down the aisle see babe I still got it hahahaha I said ya she was flirting with you hahahahaha.
I asked my dad if he wanted me to get him into another facility but he said they're all the same, I just didn't like this place at all.
My husband said that the nurses and cna's were nicer yesterday today they weren't that great, he shares a small room with 3 others and when we went there he was just sitting in a room alone with his oxygen, but it was nice to see him all dressed up and he did look clean... I had to do a lot of walking in there which was painful for me cause of this cold weather at least it's a little warmer today (a whole 5 degrees ) , just glad I got to see my dad .
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    1970 days ago
    An elderly aunty of mine lives in an assisted living facility. It's a wonderful facility and her care is excellent. But the first time I visited, I was shocked at how many little old people were there. Some were so frail that I felt badly. This place does a lot to keep its residents active both physically and mentality; I was impressed by the programs they provide.

    The problem ? Many were too old or frail to participate. Many are stuck in their rooms. it's difficult to see once vibrant people living like this. So, I totally understand how you feel.

    Hopefully your dad will like his room mates and he'll be more social. that in turn will help him get better. Keep his mind stimulated. Bring him magazines and books he'll enjoy. He'll improve, but it will take time.
    1970 days ago
  • BEWELL48
    My heart goes out to you. Hopefully your dad will be home soon.
    1971 days ago
    1971 days ago
  • MRE1956
    Don't even get me (or my husband for thatmatter) started on those places!


    A pox on all those responsible for your bad experience - when I think of all the decent people looking for work for MONTHS and even YEARS - well, that just burns my blood!

    I wish you, your dad and the rest of your family the best as you deal with all of that!
    1971 days ago
    Sigh............. I know what you are talking about all too well. One place that I worked at for 3 entire days, was terrible. I worked there in activity not nursing ( was before I got my CCA) and I remember people sitting in their chairs etc. in the hall so they could see what was going on. One kept saying I have to peee, please I have to ppppeeeee. So I mentioned this to the cca, and shes aid yea well she says that lots and it isnt her hour! OMG PLEASE her hour, I so hope and pray that when my time comes someone cares enough to take me when I need to go.
    After workign in the field in care for many years, I still can not ignore that call, and even when they weren't my resident, I would find time to take them or say to whoever,joe blow needs you now.
    So hugs to you and your dad, I have never heard of one so big. Biggest here is 200 or so but in 3 different units and each unit isn't very big.
    Glad you got to go out, sorry it wasn't a better experience. HUGS to you dad and hope your pain lessens a bit soon!
    1971 days ago
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