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Get uncomfortable!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Today was a good day, our family has been doing a 10 week program where Mr. Tiny & Big Boy get an hour of swimming instruction, then an hour of sports/fitness. Part of that is that parents have the opportunity, while we wait, to have any mix of open gym or classes for 2 hours.

This has been GREAT. Today DW and I got in some cardio, me on the treadmill and rowing machine, and her on the rowing machine and elliptical. We then took the second session of Body Sculpting class which consisted of different types of aerobic movements interspersed with weights and body weight exercises. Worked to muscle failure, and that's GOOD! I look forward to these classes, DW and I get to work out together, I get a good 2 hour session in, the boys get instruction and a good workout and it's a family activity. It's good to have a partner who is on the same page with you regarding health/fitness.

It's funny, looking back on it. Back in 2009, it was me who was the horse being dragged to the water hole. I was a mess, and frankly, my influence on the health/eating/fitness variables were having a detrimental effect on DW's health. Thankfully, I saw the light.

Between you and I, reader, I'm going to make a confession. It's probably a good thing that this winter has been colder than normal and had more snow than normal. It's *gasp* kept me off the bikes. Let me be frank, if I had my way, I would be riding. It's an easy decision, effortless, really. If I can ride, I ride. What this results in is me blowing off strength training because it's uncomfortable.

What I forgot, or willfully ignored, was that strength training needs to be a major element in my program, or I will not be able to generate the strength needed to power up steep hills, it will harm my handling ability, and I won't cut weight.

I'm focused on the Dirty Dozen race, and I'm being realistic. I need that power to be able to do the 60 odd miles of climbing. I also need to improve my strength to weight ratio by getting stronger and cutting weight. To do that, I need to lift hard, and get uncomfortable, and cross train so I don't get bored.

I've been working on readjusting my thinking, begun protein loading after strength training again, and have added decreasing my body fat as a goal to help provide me with additional motivation.

The Tanita Body Composition Analyzer TBF-300A they have at the University Fitness Center where we're taking the class said I had a Body Fat percentage of 21.2%. That's relatively close to the 17% or so that I get when I measure myself at 3 points using calipers. Data is there, and honestly, I'm not too happy about those numbers. That's a good thing, it will help drive me to get in those extra reps, additional miles, and make myself uncomfortable to achieve my goals.

Set your goals, make a plan, set yourself up for success, and implement it! Trust me when I say you are worth the effort! Start with the small incremental things, let them snowball into bigger things, and lay the foundation for a virtuous spiral where each success and each good choice you make leads to greater progress.

I always am impressed to read blogs of people who started small, got off the couch and walked to the end of the block. They got winded, got uncomfortable, and then the next day, did it again and went further. Same goes for folks who do ultraendurance events...go further, push harder, go farther, achieve great things.

1000 minutes for the month, been since October 2012 since I did that last. That in itself is telling.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love that you're working out together as a family! And hooray for challenging yourself.
    1899 days ago
    What a great way to spend a Saturday with the family! emoticon
    Love the quote! and the inspirational push...." Set your goals, make a plan, set yourself up for success, and implement it!"
    1908 days ago
  • BILL60
    You're doing and additionally, setting the example for your gang. Hang tough!!
    1912 days ago
    Sometimes cold is good! Sounds like you're doing great!!!!
    1912 days ago
    Awesome. It's great to be able to workout as a family.
    1913 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing really well! I love that you can both work out together--I know that the nights i work out best have been when the husband has had another event, or is doing something work related--there is no 'call' to return home. Good for all of you!
    The cold winter and you not biking sounds ideal. Sometimes the best presents are the unexpected. And, biking is great, but diversity is so healthy. In the long run, it's probably going to put years into your bike riding career! You'll have lots of core strength to support your back for long rides, and lots of alternative leg muscles developed so that you don't end up with some combination of under- and over-developed.
    Have fun!

    1913 days ago
  • 4KWALK
    So glad to hear your whole family is getting active together. Not only does that help your family right now but hopefully your children will pass the lessons they are learning right now onto their own children some day. What a great limb to have on the family tree.

    That simple little word at the end of your blog should be in great big neon lights.

    GO!!! In that little word a whole new world can be discovered. I am so glad that I am learning the value of that word GO as I go walking as often as possible, I GO do strength training, I GO to bowl, darts, whatever it is - now I GO instead of stay home and vegetate. It's a whole new life. emoticon

    Great blog. Lots of sound advice.

    Thanks for sharing.
    1913 days ago
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