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Saturday, January 26, 2013

So a little over a week since the accident. I am feeling much better but am a little discouraged with the nagging pain I have in different parts of my body (i.e., knee, thumbs, finger, etc) Still have a little swelling by my eye and on the bridge of my nose but the bruising is all fading to that lovely yellow green.
Today is the one year anniversary of my dad's death. I'm not really depressed but feeling a bit melancholy. I have thought of him every day since he passed. I'll be glad to get this day over!!!
I am in a bit of a slump with my Spark journey right now, too. Eating is OK, not great. Haven't walked or done any real exercise (besides chasing my grandson emoticon ). I have winter walking clothes but it has been so bitter and windy, I decided to not go outside. I have DVDs but right now would prefer to do nothing instead of that. Yea, yea. Excuses, excuses. I think I've gained a little and I'm beginning to feel "blobby" again. I need to get motivated and get back out there!!!! I eat so much better when I'm exercising. I have been researching some hypnotherapy CDs. Looking for some motivation or a way to be more consistent. I know one of my friends is using this and has had some positive results. Any one else? My sister in law works at a hospital's wellness center in CA and she's investigating a couple of things for me, too.
Hope you all have a good week!!!
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  • SCOOTER4263
    No wonder you don't want to go out walking - look what happened the last time!

    I think a lot of us hit a slump around this time of year, whether it's lack of sunlight, too much indoors, no more holiday excitement or whatever. If you need a bit of rest (and it wouldn't surprise me, given the stress your body has been under), take it without feeling guilty about it. When you feel better, you can do better.
    1965 days ago
    If you had done this closer to St. Patrick's Day you would be decorated for it with your green bruises. LOL. I hope the nagging pain leaves you alone soon. No more face smashing for you!!!

    My mom and grandparents have all been gone a long time but I think of my mom and maternal grandma almost every day.

    Now for some bitterness. LOL. As you know I'm sick and I have friends who are sick a lot more than I am. When they are they lose 10 pounds. I haven't lost 10 ounces. It's so irritating as is the cold weather, snow, ice, and winter. LOL.

    Let me know if you find a new technique that works. I'm desperate.
    1966 days ago
    I'm glad you're feeling mostly better after your accident! Let us know what you find motivational wise.
    1967 days ago
    I had an accident in my car (the first ever) witnessed by the grandkids and fell in my dining room and broke my ankle in front of the grandkids. I have learned something and that is "slow down". They have been living with me for a year and a half and even though I don't feel 60 I am. I have been very depressed trying to recover from the broken ankle as I SIT all day long. The only thing I've done is tried to eat healthily. We could be soul sisters -- spark mail me if you want to chat. :) I feel your pain. emoticon
    1967 days ago

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  • KANOE10
    I was sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you feel better. It is hard to get motivated in the winter. I have walking clothes also, but have been working out indoor. Good luck with your investigations and finding motivation. You can do it.
    1967 days ago
    It is not long so just be kind to yourself. Drink fluids and that will help the flushing process and the bruising will fade sooner.
    This is a bad time for you for exercising but think about what you put in your mouth. Try hard to stay away from poor food choices. Do yourself a favor and keep fruits vegetable and nuts handy. They will give you good nutrients and without the sugars and starchy stuff you will be able to nibble till you are better able to exercise. HUGS Take care. Try not to fret and think happy thoughts about your wonderful Dad. You can do it. Love helps a lot and so do good thoughts. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1967 days ago
    I'm glad you can stop and remember your dad on this anniversary. As for the slump, I'm there with you this week. The cold seems to be taking its toll.
    1968 days ago
    Glad to hear you are everyone says. Be good to yourself and take it one day at a time. Let us know what you find in your searches. Have a great weekend Beth.
    1968 days ago
    Be gentle and kind to yourself and use your intuition. You are healing my friend. You took quite a tumble so ... be good to yourself. I can't remember which Buddhist monk it was, but I read where one said that he/she was surprised to learn how hard Westerners are on themselves, that we lack a real sense of kindness, gentleness and empathy with ourselves when we are hurting or lacking. Its an old saying, but we 'should' all over ourselves. Turn within, listen to your own voice about what you want and need right now. When it is time for movement, you will move. When it is time to reminisce, or be creative, or grieve, or eat, you will do that. Trust your own sweet self. I do! Because, you are beautiful and you are amazing!
    1968 days ago
    I am glad there has been some healing. I hope the remaining aches and pains will gradually go away. Yes its has been so cold and windy . I think we have been spoiled the last few winters. I haven't wanted to do much either other than stay inside and be warm. At least I have managed not to eat more than I usually do. Good luck with your research on hypnotherapy. I hope you find something that will help.
    1968 days ago
    Maybe that blobby feeling is a sign that you're ready to motivate yourself. The fact that you're researching ways to do so means you're on the way.
    1968 days ago
    Please be kind to yourself-
    your body has experienced major trauma-
    allow some rest and healing time.
    I'll be interested to see if you get any suggestions on the hypnotherapy.
    I'm curious, too.
    Take care.
    1968 days ago
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