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Fixing the Problems of the World

Saturday, January 26, 2013

As I was driving around today, doing my weekly errands, I noticed how impatient everyone was. The example that really caught my attention was a tanker trying to make a left hand turn across traffic. I was behind him, waiting. There is a right hand turn lane next to me and the driver behind me used that to go around us. When someone in the opposite lane stopped to let the tanker make his turn the two cars behind that person almost hit each other trying to get into their turn lane to go around! Honestly, what is a minute worth any more. I wish I could draw on the blogs so you all could really see what I tried to describe. But that incident started me thinking.

Fad diets, diet pills, crazy things people do to lose weight instead of working for that goal, they want a miracle. Really, the weight did not accumulate on my body over night and it isn't going away overnight! Let's get real here. It takes hard work and time.

Education-okay everyone says (I would like to meet this everyone people talk about) that the USA has fallen behind and teachers aren't teaching, kids aren't learning, need to add more curriculum to catch up. This has lead to kids burning out in middle school now. We need to slow down and really be allowed to teach to mastery the basics! I remember when Kindergarten was learning how to behave in school, basics of letters, social skills, numbers, songs, and getting along. That is now pre-school's job. Today kindergarten students are expected to read, write paragraphs, add and subtract. There is little free time to learn the social skills needed. And each year after it get more and more difficult. If kids don't understand, too bad we have to move on to teach the standards. Now don't get me wrong, teachers teach, reteach, modify, and do the best they can. When my kids went to school, they had to memorize facts, they had to show they knew what was being taught. We need PATIENCE to let students really learn new ideas and practice them until it becomes natural and without thought to do the skill. In later grades, you could speed up because the basics would not have to be taught year after year.

National Budget- PATIENCE in Congress. Sit down and figure out what is needed and what is not. Stop fighting for single pet projects and think what is best for this country! We are in crisis and Congress caused some of this. Forcing health care onto Mom and Pop shops is hurting the economy. But please sit down and be patient with each other. Listen to all possible solutions before deciding on the best. You are not going to make everyone happy. That is not possible. Decide what the Federal Govt should be responsible for and where State Rights begin. I have to balance my budget and so should they, even if it means that somethings are left out for a while.

World Peace - I admit that this one is hard but again.....PATIENCE is needed. Put the weapons down and talk about the solutions. It will take time and the need to listen to each other. Will this end all wars? No, but maybe some of them.

If you read this whole thing, I thank you for listening to me. Adults say that kids today want instant gratification because of video games and I say with technology everyone wants instant gratification....return email right away, text back no matter what you are doing. Ah, technology is another blog for another day.
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    Our whole world is turned upside down, from what we learned growing up. Let them get in a bad accident and maybe then they will realize 6 months to 6 years of recovery is not worth the 5 minutes that they could not wait. If only you could fix the problems!!
    1974 days ago
    You hit the nail on the head! Great blog!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    1974 days ago
    I agree too
    1974 days ago
    By George, I think you've got it!! I agree!! emoticon
    1974 days ago
    I agree with your blog the whole country needs to slow down and be kinder gentler and really care about others
    1974 days ago
  • ANYVAR54
    Great blog and very well written. I agree that we have all grown impatient. We forget that it takes time to do anything. and we need to slow down.
    Thanks for sharing.
    1974 days ago

    great blog and says a lot about today's society wanting everything now and we need more computers and faster ones next the kids in preschool will be doing the adding and sub. and going to school all day you had so many good thought in you blog i could get on my soap box too but will just thanks and you think a lot like I do .
    1974 days ago
    We need to run for congress. I bet, between the two of us, we could solve all of the world's problems. (One of me pet peeves is when I hear people who know very little about kids, child development, learning theory, etc. criticize those who work in the trenches!)

    1974 days ago
    emoticon Feel better?
    1974 days ago
    I totally agree with your blog today!
    1974 days ago
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