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Gluten Sensitivity?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am over 140 lbs overweight .. and when my husband saw what I ate compared to my weight gain . He said .. something has to be wrong here ... I tested negative for metabolic syndrome and after reading about the wheatbelly diet .. am wondering if I have a gluten sensitivity .. Celiac has symptoms similar to what i have experienced .. I used to call them "Carb Comas" .. I got very tired to the point that I couldn't keep my eyes open after carbs .. as I read wheatbelly though I recognized the signs

Of course when I told my doctor I wanted to be tested for Celiac .. she took one look at me and no matter what symptoms I told her I had in common with that .. she just shook her head and said .. I don't think its celiac ... It's so frustrating that people just look at me and say .. well you just must be eating too much!

Anyway .. it might not be celiac but a gluten sensitivity .. I notice that when I eat rice.. which my family enjoys more than pasta or potatoes I don't feel that way after I eat ..

So I have been eating more gluten rich foods (and staying within my calorie limits) .. and notice the symptoms, gas pains, diarrhea, tiredness, etc ... and I feel better knowing its not in my head ..

Apparently 30 to 40 per cent of obese people have celiac .. as instead of losing weight from malnutrition they gain it due to their body going in starvation mode ... which makes sense for me .. I feel that its a difference from being hypothyroid or hyperthyroid .. I am hypothyroid...

I went on the atkins diet a few years ago .. and lost a bunch of weight .. before starting it .. I was eating a lot of pastas ( I love spaghetti) and my doctor said my thyroid levels were through the roof and put me on thyroid pills ... after going on atkins ... I lost 80 lbs and began to feel tired when taking the synthroid .. so I stopped taking it .. when I told him so .. he got very angry at me and told me that I should never have done that and just to prove to me that I was off base .. he tested me again .. and lo and behold my tests turned out to be normal .. he was not pleased..

So all in all it makes sense .. as I was not eating gluten rich foods while on atkins ... I just can't stand it when I am judged like I don't know what I am talking about ... by supposed professionals ... Doctors can be wrong too..

Even if I prove not to have celliac .. but am gluten intolerent then I will still cut it out any way .. its just nice to have the diagnosis to explain why I am like I am

Anyway .. that's my rant for the day !
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    Thanks Larissa238 ..

    This is a new doctor . actually she is really nice .. she is new so I am sure she just goes by what she was taught .. I mean I am not going to say much now because she could be right ... but I will have the last laugh if I am right ...

    So I can wait patiently .. I just hate it when they always assume its because you are eating too much .. I had a doctor tell me to lose weight when I told him that a nurse was staying with me and told me to get checked for apnea as she suspected I had it .. instead of just referring me to a sleep clinic.. I lived in ontario canada at the time so it was covered by health insurance.. and the jerk wouldn't even do that .. he just said .. "lose weight"

    I went on to work as a contractor in Jacksonville Florida .. and I went to see a doctor there and she couldn't believe that he did that .. she said "how the heck can you lose weight when you can't even get a good nights sleep" !!

    She did refer me to a sleep clinic there and I had to pay like 3000 for the test and it only took minutes for them to realize I had apnea ... I could have saved that money had he just given me a referral while I was in canada..

    Ridiculous huh? I think t hat prejudiced isn't just in Race .. but size as well! At least now we have the internet and places like this where we can get our own help rather than relying on the opinions of other people .. who call themselves doctors ... they are still human and can make mistakes ...
    1945 days ago
  • LARISSA238
    Your doctor sounds incompetent. I would switch if I could. i went to a doctor once who blamed everything on my weight (I have a headache? Must be the weight) so I never went back to him. I live in a big city (Miami) so I have plenty of options. I hope that you can get a better doctor, too. *hugs*
    1945 days ago
    Cut out gluten and see if that helps.
    There are so many different products on the market for people who can't eat gluten that it's actually not that hard to follow.
    I read the book also and I went on a gluten free diet for a while,but I did not see a change,so I guess i'm ok.
    Good luck! emoticon emoticon
    1945 days ago
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