Dear 16 year old Shelley

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dear16 year old Michelle:

Stop over thinking everything and freaking out about the small stuff. You're smart, hard working, loyal, and yes gorgeous. Cut the crap and move on from the silly mistakes you've made. Own them and move on.

Tips for college: you will not move as much. Make it happen. Stop eating junk. Yup. You are going to gain 15 pounds and hate it. Don't stay with a boy that you don't love just because it's a habit and he's a nice guy. You are going to break his heart anyhow, so why let it linger and be miserable?

Keep rocking out. Have fun and don't take yourself so seriously. You are going to have a wonderful job. Amazing home. Fabulous husband who you love more and more everyday (even when he's driving yu crazy... because he's so much like you..) You are going to have to wait until you're 26 to find him, but it's worth it. (All of your friends end up miserable with the men they are with in their early 20's when you were "alone" and living it up with the boys at the gay clubs having a blast being you!) so, always enjoy being single and rockin you being you!

Other than this advice.. you are perfect, especially in your flaws.

31 year old Michelle
PS: your 30's are adding up to be pretty excellent too!
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