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A story from India

Saturday, January 26, 2013

There's an old story from India about a king with an advisor who has the annoying habit of responding to any event by saying, "That's good!"
The king loses his toe in a hunting accident. The advisor says, "That's good!"
So the king fires him from his job. Keeping it consistent, the advisor says, "That's good!"
A month later the king is captured by a group of villagers who plan to use him in a sacrificial ceremony. When they find his toe is gone, they declare him unclean and let him go. Back at the palace he reinstates the advisor.
"You were right", the king says, "It was good that I lost my toe, for it saved my life today.But why did you say it was good when I fired you from your job?"
The advisor answers, " Your Highness, I cannot see the future, but I have learned to trust that some good comes from each event. Today I see what that was for me. Had you not fired me, I would have remained with you when you were captured by the tribesmen. And because I am in possession of all my fingers and toes, I would have been next in line for the sacrifice!"
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