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What possible good can it be?

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Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm fast approaching the date when I first started Sparkpeople four years ago and during that time, I have written a lot of these blogs. For those folks who have yet to embrace this particular tool as a helpful aid, let me answer the question.

What possible good can it be to write a blog?

This evening, I took some time to go back to my very first few postings and having done that I got hooked into looking randomly at many more. Here's what I found:

At first my blogs were often short entries. Those early posts expressed my frustrations, my impatience and my roller coaster motivation.

It didn't take long for me to find that writing helped me to purge myself of some emotional stress. Then I discovered that I had a world of friends who could cut through the carp (spelling intentional) and steer me toward clarity and at times provide a gentle prod toward the more suitable stress reduction skills I was learning. Part of tonight's fun in re-reading these posts is seeing that many of these same friends are still here for me both to celebrate the good and calm the bad.

Writing blog entries helped me to learn to speak more positively toward myself.

My blogs have been a place to share the highpoints....weight loss and the joy of finding that clothing was becoming too big. This was the place I could share the thrill of being able to run up a hill or cross a finish line. On the reverse of that coin, I could also bemoan the backslides and mistakes. I could throw a pity party though I rarely had too many guests willing to attend. LOL

Having all these snippets of my spark history to look back on is another tool. I find it to be refreshing to see the ups and downs. Four years later as I make note of the overall weight loss and successful maintenance of that loss, it's good to see that it wasn't always an easy shot.

I'm glad I wrote so many blog postings. For me, they have been a world of good.

Tomorrow I have an official weigh in. If today's scale holds out, I will be able to log a loss and the plateau will be on it's way to history. If tomorrow's weigh in does not show a loss, I have plenty of historical evidence to show me that it will happen, it just may need to fluctuate a bit first. Over the long haul..........the results will show.
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