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I walked Katie's (@ Virtual 5K!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Katie, who has a terrific blog at and has lost over 125 pounds, sponsored a Virtual 5K today, to celebrate her 31st birthday. She even had her husband do a drawing and got a friend to make a bib for us all to print out and wear.

Added later: I should have mentioned that the marvelous Katie is giving away 31 prizes for the hundreds who participated in her virtual 5K--most of them gorgeously homemade!!! Check her blog with pictures about that here:

Youngest son and Lola walked along. What a beautiful day for a 5K! It was 55 degrees when we left home for our walk around the neighborhood! Amazing! Earlier this week, it was snowing and we had highs only in the teens. BRR! I was dreading this 5K and didn't really want to walk inside with Leslie's DVDs. But we were blessed with absolutely beautiful weather.

Lola, getting a drink. (As I write this--Lola is snoozing at my feet, I can hear her snoring! I think we wore her out. I know I'm worn out!)

Also had a little victory at lunch. We went to my favorite Mexican place for lunch. On Fridays they have two chilli rellenos with melted cheese as their special. They are served with beans and rice. It is my favorite. NOBODY makes chilli rellenos like this place (Tico's--if you live near Lincoln, Nebraska). But I haven't had them in years. They also have a delicious grilled chicken salad. It's huge and very tasty. That's what I always get now and I really enjoy it. But the chips and salsa--before the meal--that's a different story. I usually try to limit myself. And I'm usually pretty successful, having 3-5 chips and savoring each one! Today I got my phone out, and impolite as it might be, played Words with Friends while Son & Hubby had chips and salsa. I ate NONE!

I've had a bad few days recently--snacking on healthy stuff--but quantities that are way too big. I am determined to get back on track and today, so far, has been good. After lunch we did a little shopping. I went to my favorite clothing store--Dress Barn. GREAT SALES! I don't need any clothes, but I got a pair of gold jeggings with a sweater that matches beautifully and a blouse that I've been eying forever. It was on sale 60% OFF!
All 3 items were only $50. NOT BAD! I was thinking, as I left the store, it's fun to head to the left when I go into the store. It's divided in half, the PLUS size section is on the right. Of course when I was at my heaviest, even the PLUS sizes at Dress Barn were too small. I could only order from the catalogs, 5X's! So it would have been fun had I discovered Dress Barn after I got into regular Plus Sizes. But it's probably good that I didn't. Because after I got into regular sizes I've bought way too much there! It's easy to take for granted the fact that you can shop for regular sizes, but I never want to forget how wonderful it was the first time I stepped in a store and realized I could buy clothes there that would FIT me!! What a thrill that was. And STILL IS!!!
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