Letter to my Teenage Self

Friday, January 25, 2013

The next BLC challenge is to write a letter to my teenage self, giving her advice on how to be healthier in the future. Feels a little silly doing this, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Dear teenage self,

There are so many things I'd love to warn you about, but the purpose of this letter is to focus on how to stay healthy. The number one thing you must listen to is this: Do not start smoking.
You may think you never will, since dad is sick from it, but you will. Don't even have cigars at parties. Don't even try it, not even once.
Binge drinking is going to get you in a lot of trouble. Don't do it.
Your roommates, boyfriends, and coworkers will want to eat fast food all the time. Sometimes 3x a day. You should save your money (you work too hard to eat away all your cash). You will also gain weight really quick if you eat this way.
Watch salt. You are going to be prone to high BP. Smoking makes this worse.

-Future Melanie

If I had followed this advice, I know I would be much healthier and have more money. Oh how we live & learn

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