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Moms dog attack_

Friday, January 25, 2013

Where the heck do I begin?..

My Mom is an animal lover. She would rather sleep in a cold van than to live without them if the landlord didn't want dogs. (That is a true story by the way). She has rescued dogs ever since I can remember, which is where I get it from. Unfortuneately, not all dogs can think like humans do, and some have had a past, an abusive upbringing, or there are medical issues making it irratable, etc.

I get a phone call from my Brothers girlfriend, stating that my little brother has rushed my Mom to the hospital, immediately my heart stopped.

(I never told you all this, but I am somewhat psychic, and earlier that morning I envisioned an incident with my Mom, but it wasn't a dog attack, it was a heart attack. Its sad to say, so I am not always accurate~ sometimes I am. Then again, who wants to play a thought of such a thing in their own mind of their mother unless they are demonic?)

So just after she was getting her morning strarted, had a half of cup of coffee, in her lounge pants, it was going to be nice weather out, and I get that phone call...

I was told that she was attacked by this dog, and it was bad. I waited for my b/f to get home, and went up there. As soon as I got in the ER to see her, she was shaking. Her body encountered such a horrible horrible attack, that it was in shock. As she lay there, I stopped myself from crying. My Mom knows I protect her like a bear. I used to follow her around the house like a pet when I was little. Just knowing when your helpless to something like this, just burns so bad inside.

She told me she didnt do anything to provoke this animal, she wasn't even by it, wasnt yelling, wasn't moving fast, etc. The sound she made with door and the garbage was all she could think of that could have provoked this. Isn't that crazy???

She has been around animals since birth, so she knows that this was a freak attack that had turned almost fatal.

When the dog attacked, she explained that it sounded like a lawnmower! It was the craziets thing she had ever heard. It got her to the ground, and thought it was the end of her life.

I hate to show any discrimination about animals, but just so you know what breed this animal is it is a Pittbull.

The dog had no reason to do this. We knew that its temperment has changed, and started becoming dominant over us all, it was around other animals, but to almost murder my mother?? Come on!

She was taken to the ground, and had to watch her flesh get thrown around her. She dosent hit animals, she is an animal lover, and this wasnt even her dog, but she wasnt a stranger to it, it has been around for a year or more.

My younger brother had to lift my mom up off the ground, take her to the Emergency room, and since have all dealt with this the best we could.

When I seen the wounds on her, I thought to myself, nobody, especially a grown woman, should have to witness a live being in such conditions. We are all traumatized, and to hear her cry explaining how she almost died because there was no stopping this animal.... it just sad. Her calves were like huge pieces of chicken to that dog.

I have pictures, but will spare them from you all. I will however post a picture of her in the hospital bed after surgery, and one of her upper arm when the dog had her down.

The dog also had her throat, and if I think of how close I almost came to losing my Mom, for no reason, then I would have been left to live the rest of my life in serious need for mental help.

Of all the things that i always worry my mom doing, like her being a trucker, in winter, icy roads, lifting heavy items, chaining her truck deliveries, etc, or even being robbed, raped, cancer? Something could have been more justified than a damn dog that had no reason to do that?

Once again, my mom is an animal lover, she has given up her own property to make sure she didnt have to get rid of her pets in the past, I am 1000% assured this accident was because the animal had mental issues.

As of now, my Mom is staying at my house. I am making sure that I get her what I need. My brother and sister have shown alot of compassion, but my other sister could do more. you see because she is attatched to the dog, and has very much surprised us at how she is either in denial of this, and also with how she is trying to protect this animals life after our own mother is now in bed rest, with a wound vac system, home nurse aides, etc, and I dont mind. I opened my house up. I just feel for anyone who has been through any of this, may or may not has even lost their life.

Now I will post a picture, dont worry, it's not of any flesh wounds, just of arm, its just a taste of how bad it is. The arm wasnt even close to why she went to the E.R.

So, now its about recovery. I thank you all for sending caring thoughts our way.

I hate to think of myself at a time like this, but I will do my best to get back to my exercise and right eating. I dont want to gain alot of weight or become depressed. Nobody forsees alot of this craziness.

Its not just a physical recovery, its a trauma and its weighed on her heavily, having nightmares, and fearing animals, thinking of how life would have changed so much after something like this. All I can say is the pictures I have of her before surgery would tell a story. I love animals as well. I dont know where I stand on that breed. I dont want to be racist against animals.

Take care everyone, things are getting better slowly.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KRYSTL719
    thank you all for you support! emoticon
    2165 days ago
  • WINNIE1978
    How scary! I hope your mom makes a speedy recovery!
    2213 days ago
    hope your mom recovers quickly, i can't imagine the past t his poor dog had or why he would lash out against such a caring soul, but i hope everything comes out for the best. maybe your mom is meant to meet a special friend in the hospital or avoids something worse not being at home for the moment. i too have strange dreams or flashes, wish i could tap into it properly and know what things were going to come true before they do and i go 'ah hah, i dreamed that!' sending all my best to you and the fam!!
    2213 days ago
    How horrible! I feel so bad for your poor mother. What a nightmare! I'm just glad the dog didn't kill her.

    When our kids were little, I adopted a dog from the Humane Society. They told us that she was good with children and had no issues whatsoever. Well, the first thing I noticed was that she would hit the ground and cower if we took a walk and she saw a man in a hard hat. I figure she had been abused. About three days later, she lunged at a preschooler who had come to play with my son. Things just started to escalate towards other little kids and I couldn't take the chance of her hurting one of them, so I took her back.

    It was heartbreaking to do it, but she was showing all sorts of signs that someone had treated her horribly. After reading your story, I'm glad she didn't stay. We gave her all the kindness we had, but (like the poster above said) people trump dogs.

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your mom!
    2213 days ago
    Oh my. This is sad on so many levels I cannot even begin to comprehend. I too, am an animal lover. One cannot know the circumstances of an animals life prior to having them, or being around them unless it has been since they were a pup. I agree with what you are saying, this dog had something going on mentally. With that said, I cannot comprehend how your sister is unable to see this situation for what it really is. I am not here to judge, so I apologize if this is coming off that way. Hypothetically, if that had been a child and not your mom, the chance of survival probably wouldn't even be there. I wish you peace, and your mother a speedy recovery. *hugs* We're all here for you!
    2214 days ago
    So sorry to hear this. I love animals too, but there can be crazy dogs...and when that happens, people trump dogs. Sounds like your sister needs a major reality check.
    2214 days ago
    This is awful. We'll be praying for you all. I know I've heard so many peopel say it isn't really in pit bulls' nature to attack and to be vicious, but it is uncanny how many people have been attacked by them for no reason at all, and how terrible their attacks are to the victims.

    I'm sure your mother appreciates how devoted you are being to her, and I wish all the best for her speedy recovery and for all of you.

    2214 days ago
    How horrible for all of you to have had to go through this. I can't even begin to imagine what it has been like. Sending hugs and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery for your mom, and for strength and peace for all of you.
    2214 days ago
    I am so sorry. This is horrible.
    2214 days ago
    I hope she heals soon and well. emoticon
    2214 days ago
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