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Friday, January 25, 2013

Today is day 28 of my current streak!

The week got off to a great start...I was exercising, being active throughout the day, and eating right. Then on Wednesday, back pain hit! I was able to do my morning Zumba workout, but by afternoon when I was trying to do my upper body ST, the pain was getting worse. So I decided to just skip that workout, and also skip doing my evening workout of DDP Yoga. Hubby gave me a back massage, and I was so sure that I'd be feeling better on Thursday.

Well, I woke up on Thursday morning and my lower back was really hurting. Just walking was kind of painful. In the past, I would let back pain make me retire to bed with a heating pad and lots of comfort food. But that was the old me. The new me doesn't do that! So instead of laying around on the heating pad, I got up and did some stretches for my back. I wasn't able to workout, and I was so bummed about that. (A year ago, if you had told me that I'd be bummed about not being able to workout, I would have laughed my head off!) But I know that sometimes, the healthiest thing we can do is to REST. So no workouts for me on Thursday. My eating was right on track, although hubby offered to go get me a milkshake and fries! He knows that in the past, I would have loved to have a "treat" like that when I was laid up with back pain. But I said "no thanks" and asked him to make me some tea instead!

This morning when I woke up, I still had back pain. I'm sorry that I have to miss my workouts again today! But I know that if I forced myself to do them, I'd just make my back feel worse. So for now, I'm just doing stretches. But my fingers are crossed, hoping I can resume my workout schedule either tomorrow or Sunday! I really MISS my workouts!

So although I haven't been able to workout, my streak is still intact...because my streak is not about exercising every day. My streak is about making each day as healthy as I possibly can. And right now, taking it easy is the healthiest thing I can do for myself!

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