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Push That Tush -- Feel Good

Friday, January 25, 2013

When it comes to FOOD CHOICES it's a learning process.
When I was young and went on a DIET to lose weight.
It was temporary...It was boring....In my mind it was tasteless.
Those days the answer was steamed veggies with nothing on them ...
Heaven forbid you added a little olive oil...that was forbidden.
So you did it, you lost, and then you went right back to normal habits,
and gained it all back and more.

Over the last few years, I have totally changed my FOOD CHOICES.
My attitude was...I'm going to figure out a way to make this work for me
and I'm going to try to train my tastebuds.
I use very little sugar now ...and now fruits taste very sweet to me.
When cooking, I use a little olive oil, herbs, lemon, broth, and vinegar...
saute it, grill it, stir fry is, stew it,
and there are lots of flavors.
I avoid processed foods and starch carbs
and the cravings have greatly diminished.
Every now and then I have cravings...but it isn't every day...
And I'm conscious of what I'm eating and buying and when I'm cheating.
I don't do the mindless grazing I used to do...especially at night.

But it took a CHANGE of attitude about FOOD CHOICES.

I was determined to learn to like the HEALTHY CHOICES,
because I WANTED to CHANGE....
I didn't like where I was.

Now when I hear someone complain that they don't like DIET FOOD
I know they have a learning processes to go thru...Just like I did.
When I hear someone insist on adding a lot of extra fat or sugar,
I know they aren't serious about changing their lifestyle.
BEFORE, socializing used to always end up like a FOODFEST,
Eat, Drink, and be Merry.
NOW, when I go someplace where people keep offering me food,
I feel like the trained seal at one of the marine parks....I don't like it.

I had to change my MIND .... before ...I could change my BODY.

And as many times as I remind myself that...
I find myself looking and comparing myself to others.
It's a normal reaction...we look at others, or the scale, or the weight charts
{...someone else doing the exercise better...or faster ...}
to get a grasp of ourselves and where we are.
But I know that my PROGRESS is based on
Where I WAS and Where I AM ... NOW.
AND my SUCCESS is feeling good about the lifestyle I lead...
being at peace with my choices, my body, and my attitude.

Sure ... I'm a WORK IN PROGRESS....
But aren't we all......always.
It gives us that little edge to Push ourselves to try a little more,
change a little something, and go a little further.

Life is constantly changing ....
and as long as you can feel you did your best...
or at least made the better choices ...
you can feel good about yourself

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