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Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm pretty ashamed of how I conducted myself yesterday. I let my frustrations get the best of me and it was definitely reflected in my eating habits. I had Chipotle for lunch in all it's fatty, meaty, sour cream-y goodness, which I pre-planned with a friend last week. I had a 350 calorie spinach salad for dinner at work, and as that was my plan for the day I think I would have done good - except I found chocolate rice cakes at the grocery store and managed to munch on a whole 360 calorie bag at work. :\ And because I was still frustrated after work, I ate a whole can of Light Pringles (420 calories) with 140 calories of fat free sour cream as dip. Oh, and two thick slices of baked pork tenderloin before bed, about 175-200 calories. I don't have to add those numbers up to know I did pretty badly. I was at my calorie range before the Chipotle, and I know that was in the 1000 calorie range ballpark. UGH. I'm steering clear of the scale for a few days lest my frustration grow.

To be fair though, I felt FANTASTIC this morning. Like, I woke up about 3-4 hours earlier than usual, with only about 6 hours of sleep, feeling refreshed and awake and ready to get up. I haven't felt like that in ages! I felt so good in fact that I got up and did five miles on the exercise bike, something I haven't managed in a week! And now that I'm all sweaty and gross I have some valuable time to spend catching up on sparkpages and blog posts, paying my bills through into next month, and just - breathing! So I guess a little something nice came out of my pity party binge day yesterday.

Honestly I just think the fatigue and some nutrient deficiencies have been catching up with me lately. I think this sudden burst of morning energy - besides the extra calories - have stemmed from my actually getting big healthy portions of protein and fat in my diet yesterday. I'm starting to realize that, even though I'm eating a lot of different (and sometimes bad) things, I don't eat a lot of fatty foods. And fats are good for you! Your body needs them and it is the most efficient form of fuel for your body over carbs and sugars and whatnot. Usually the only source I have for those is a tablespoon of almond butter or Nutella here or there. The dairy and meat products I normally use are of the lean/reduced-fat variety. Perhaps I should drop the chicken breast for some pork tenderloin for awhile and see where that leads me.

Haha I'm sighing out of content right now. Maybe it's the endorphines zipping through my brain and my jelly legs, or maybe it's the feeling of getting my paycheck today and paying off some looming bills, but I feel better. I'm glad I got all that venting and negativity out of my system yesterday, and I am ready to get positive again and start making progress.

While at work yesterday I did manage to make a list of things I could add/improve on to get myself out of this weird plateau (I prefer to call it a wall I've hit) with my weight, and with those things prioritized, I'm ready to try and see what the magic ingredient(s) is/are that will get me up and going again. Consistent exercise is the biggie of course, but I'm also going to try to eat more protein, fats, and maybe even look into some additional supplements to help boost me. Now that I've more or less gotten past the sweating of my exercise, I'm going to attempt one of the things on that list by having my first daily cup of green/oolong tea!

I hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start (haha it's my Thursday), and that you're all accomplishing big and wonderful things for yourselves!
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    Maybe your body did just need some fats and proteins! I'm glad you're feeling better!! Sounds like you have a good plan! Enjoy your green tea. I drink Lipton green tee with pappaya and something else. It's pretty good!
    1914 days ago
    Yay! Today is a good day to talk about fats, huh? You totally read my mind! I'm glad to hear that you got a chance to destress today! As much as I hate working out, I do like sitting on my butt after my post-workout shower. I get to feel very accomplished!
    1914 days ago
    I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better today. There are times when I binge but feel great the next day. It's weird but it happens. I hope you keep that great feeling for a while!! Have a great day!!!
    1914 days ago
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