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Fitbit One - confirmation

Friday, January 25, 2013

In my formerly fat necked body, I used to snore so loudly that I was prescribed a CPAP just so I could get a good night's sleep. (And so my husband could get a good night's sleep as well!) If I didn't wake myself up snoring, my hubby would give me a shove to make me stop. It wasn't a fun situation. I never actually had apnea, just obstructive sleep snoring - like a freight train I was told!

Since I have dropped weight, especially in the face/neck area, I feel I no longer need the CPAP to sleep well. I eased myself away from the mask, and am sleeping fine and no longer wake myself up - at least I thought so.

So when I dropped the pedometer I was using in the potty, and it no longer worked, I looked into the Fitbit. And when I saw that the Fitbit One also tracks sleep, I immediately ordered it. I wanted to see if I was sleeping as good as I thought I was. Sure enough, every night I was sleeping from 97-100% with very few awakenings. I felt assured by this data that I really do not need to use the CPAP any more.

This is one of the best NSV's I have had! NO MORE CPAP - no more lines on my face in the morning YAY!!!

I also really like the other tracking features of this device. It is practically challenging as well as encouraging me to make my step goals and calorie burns. I am one satisfied customer.
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