Day 396 - M

Thursday, January 24, 2013

@ Barb ~ Got the flannel lined jeans @ LL Bean. They ran a ONE day sale on them in Dec., before Christmas so I got them w/that special offer. They're SO nice tho. Really worth it. I buy all of my jeans @ Goodwill and never buy a new pair - never. So this was a big splurge, but I was freezing to death so I don't mind! Just this once!!

Another Mom called to say her daughter wasn't riding the bus in the morning - sick with the flu!! Just like everyone else. Hope most of them recover over the weekend so they can come back to school. So far so good with me....not so much as a sniffle since I joined SP and revved up my immune system with healthy foods & lots of exercise. Just another benefit of being here!! Hope my luck holds.

Jetta & I did the big hill and did some circuits on the hiking trail in the woods. Did some of the cardio walking in the house too, because it was so cold this morning. Got in 8.63 miles. Did a ST session tonight - core; lower body.

Had whole wheat spaghetti w/homemade marinara sauce for dinner. Tasted real good!

A big thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope your Thursday was super and that you made it productive & active!! emoticon
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