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Thursday, January 24, 2013

emoticon I guess you really can't call me religious in the expected sense of the word. Even though I was raised Southern Baptist and went to church 5 times a week whether I wanted to or not as a kid.

My adopted grandparents were the pastor and the pastor~ess of South Baptist Church in Des Moines, Iowa. I went to all the prayer meetings and all of the bible camps and was raised in a faith based home. Maybe it was all a little too much...because I figured out from a very young age that just because people attended church every Sunday it didn't make them Christians.

Not to bash ANYONE who finds that church gives them peace and solace...everyone needs their own version of salvation.

Mine is not found in the church pews rangling the coffer plates to support less than god like pastors...we do know those that have fallen from grace in a very public way don't we?

But again...I'm a live and let live person and for some church gives community and service and if I found one that served those highly sought after values down here in FL I might start back up.

But...instead I prefer to think of myself as 'spiritual' and open-minded, and tolerant of other's beliefs and independent enough to have my own spiritual contribution in the hopefully good way I treat others around me.

But...I AM a big believer in prayer. Especially in instances that are just too big to trust to your own wimpy will.

Soooo today I prayed a LOT! In short spurts...but hopefully enough to annoy someone up there long enough to act on my pleadings.

Today we had a big important hearing before a judge that could have cemented our fate on our foreclosure in a bad, bad way.

GMAC had filed a motion before the judge for 'protective order'....now what this means is that they were actually asking the court to protect THEM from having to produce documents that our attorneys have been asking for...for a GOOD long time in proving that they have bearing to take our homestead away from us.

I mean really...if you are going to take in this case (STEAL) someone's home away from them you have to prove that you actually have the proof to justify the action.

We know that GMAC does NOT have documents that prove they hold the mortgage and the note on our home. They disappeared into a poof of cyberspace when they got greedy and started the MERS program that chopped and diced home loans into securitized bonds for investors to buy on the stock market.

They also thought they had cooked up a great little project that would save them literally billions of dollars in recording fees and doc stamps.

"Oh the wicked web we weave when we first plot to deceive"... land records showing chain of title.

Sounded like a great plan until the housing industry crashed and they had no records to produce when the rubber hits the road in foreclosure actions.

BUT...the REALLY sad thing is that most of the states ESPECIALLY FL has basically given the banks a big FAT pass on the crimes and frauds they have hoodwinked congress and judges with. Hood winked my ears...they have bought off the people they need to and the miserable little homeowner...the one that ACTUALLY has done the right thing in attempting to pay their modified payments just to have the house foreclosed on in spite of the fact are the fall guys...this plays out over and over and over...and it's pretty nauseous stuff to have stuffed down your throat.

Sooo today our attorney went before one of the friendliest of lender friendly judges here in Lee County to once again fight for our rights.

AND...he won...well sorta.

Our motion to dismiss the case was denied...judges REFUSE to acknowledge PROOF of the criminal and fraudulent documents that were manufactured and put right under their noses.

STILL...even after all the proven forged assignments, and the robo-signers that admit under oath that they knew squat about squat on the loan they were affirming had correct information that allowed the lender to proceed to foreclosure.

BUT...the victory was that the judge denied the Motion for Protection because the opposing counsel had to agree with OUR lawyer that it was unjustified and unmerited.

SO...hopefully they WILL have to produce the documents that show they actually are the owner of the mortgage they are attempting to collect.

Obviously they can't produce it..otherwise why ask the court to protect them from it?

They just throw out whatever outrageous stuff they can come up with and see what sticks to the wall.

If you don't have competent attorneys' defending you...pretty much anything sticks..the judges are certainly not going to take your defense, they just want your case to clear their docket then on to the next poor smoo.

So because GMAC'S motion for protection was denied by the judge...the case can not move to trial...as of yet...and our David's continue to hurl their measly stones against the Goliath lender...money snorting machine.

I feel pretty darn good right now...prayers work my friend..thanks for the power of yours..and thanks to my fiercest angel...our Josh man...I had to change my background in honor of him!

Love you son...you are still doing your heavenly biz of watching your mommers and dad's back from a few realms away! What an angel guy asking your big angel contacts for help..we may carry this ALL the way through...and WOULDN'T that be an huge angel feather in your cap..you betcha it would! emoticon emoticon emoticon As always your mommers is JOSH proud. AND a big shout out and thanks to the big guy in charge also..ever grateful for my faith...ever grateful and humbled by the power of prayer!
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