Post Surgery Update

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I had my first surgery on the 21st up in St. Louis, the surgery itself went well enough, no real issues, but the recovery has been a real struggle! From the day of the surgery I was extremely nauseous and in a lot of pain, then, of course, the more pain meds we added the more sick to my stomach I became. Today is the first day that I really haven't been all that nauseous, but I still have barely any appetite to speak of. I went off almost all of my pain meds to try to help with the feeling sick, so I am dealing with a lot of pain right now. I can't bathe, except for sponge baths with help (lovely, I know) and there is not really any position that feels comfortable for sitting, so I have to lay down on one side (have to be super careful laying on the other, because that is where the wire comes out). This whole thing has been nerve wracking, painful, and a test of faith thus far.

The greatest issue is that it hasn't really helped my IC either. It is helping in one department and making me a hundred times worse in another. Next Thursday I have to travel back to St. Louis to see the doctor and make the final decision of whether to go ahead with the implant or to scrap the whole thing and move on. Then the fourth of February is when we would either put in the implant or remove the leads. We shall see. The problem is that my disease is just so far advanced that a lot of these things that help symptoms, just don't do a lot for me. I am trying to keep an open mind and see how the rest of my two week trial goes, but thus far I don't have a lot of hope.

I am struggling to just keep moving forward and keep my head above water, prayers would be greatly appreciated!
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