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2013 - new year & new addition

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Well last year was mostly filled with being pregnant and it actually went by very quickly. Here I am in 2013 and I am a new mommy again for the 3rd time and very happy. My pregnancy went well, better than the other two by 100%. I attribute that to starting at a healthy weight this time.

I was due to have my little one on Jan 5th 2013 but as it happened he wanted out early and I had him at 37 weeks on December 18th 2012. What a great labor and delivery! I did have about 4 days of prelabor symptoms but on the morning of the 18th when labor actually started it was quick. I started having contractions at 6am in the morning and by 11am I was pushing my little boy out. Everything went great, I hardly had any bleeding, I was up walking around in a few hours and home the next day.

Its now almost 6 weeks later and I am trying to get back to my healthy lifestyle. I did slack quite a bit during my pregnancy, especially during my 1st trimester because I had some pretty wicked morning sickness and wanted to constantly eat bread to settle my stomach. I ended up gaining like 25 lbs just in the first few weeks. Its been a pretty good 5 weeks. I have felt much better than I did after having my other two kids. I have been up and running around and havnt had the horrible mood swings and constat pain I had before. I am sooo happy I was at a healthy place before having little archer. :-) ... I have had some stress here and there. Breast feeding was going the best it ever had gone. Archer latched on like a pro, but he wasnt gaining any weight after all my best attempts. I ended up putting him exclusivly on formula and he started gaining weight. Made me sad and pretty stressed out but Im just happy he is good now.

Now I am just trying to get into a good routine again which is not the easiest thing with a new born.

I went back to weight watchers 4 weeks post baby and ended up losing 4.4 lbs the first week but then I got sick. I got really really sick. I have been sick for the past 2 and a half weeks with bronchitis. After two separate trips to the doctor and 2 different anti-biotics and a prescription of steroids I am finally starting to feel better. I'm still sick but I don't feel like I'm going to die at least. I haven't been back to weight watchers yet since I got sick but I am pretty sure I gained back everything I had lost and maybe plus some because of the medications I was on. The home scale has not been kind.

I have to just move past that though because there was nothing I could do about being on the medication and I am better off for it even though I gained some weight on it.

But anyway, I am hoping to be more active with spark people again. I miss my spark friends and the support I had before and I miss blogging... even though its an inconvenience to get on the computer. (I pretty much do everything I do online from my smart phone now).

I am also looking forward to winter being over! I hate winter so much. When will spring get here. I hate being in the house and its hard enough to get out and about with a newborn and a 4 year old, let alone go out with them when the high of the day is 33 degrees. Its too cold to be outside and I feel all shut up here in the house. I am so looking forward to spring!


For your viewing pleasure some pictures of my beautiful life which has gotten even better in the last 6 weeks. I am truly blessed.

Me a few days before having Archer

Archer Quinn ~ born at 37weeks @ 7lbs 5oz

New years eve with my new little guy

Aiden Xaviar, Lyra November & Archer Quinn. My biggest reason to stay healthy.

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