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What happens when you put a clumsy gal on a snowboard

Thursday, January 24, 2013

So, another blog--I'm a smitten kitten. I have a great guy in my life who has had my attention for a few months now and I am really happy about his and my relationship thus far.

I wanted to share my smitten-story on how we met, since those of you who follow me know that I had a rough breakup back in late summer from someone I trusted immensely with the safe keeping of my heart. It was a rough breakup.

Needless to say, I think God works in mysterious ways and puts people in our lives for reasons, even if we do not fully know what those reasons are.

It was thanksgiving eve. My gal pal and I were out shopping and spending time together, when I got a text to stop up to a local watering hole to meet for drinks. I was not dressed up or looking cute by any stretch of the imagination, but we decided to meet up for a short bit. While outside, my bestie's guy who she was seeing ended up at that bar too, which led to her being distracted and myself sitting outside on the glorious night intermittently by myself. At this point, she was still outside with me when the patio door opens and this absolutely GORGEOUS guy walks out. I remember looking over at her and mouthing "OH MY GOSH." My eyes lit up like a little kid at Christmas. What a hunk of a man who just came into my sight. I was totally taken back and kept thinking to myself that I needed to talk to this man.

So, he walks by and almost trips over the cord holding the chairs together since they were secured. I laugh coyly and tell him that he needed to go under that rope, it was the limbo line. He laughed, smiled at me perfectly, and then continued his evening by talking to this other guy outside. I kept glancing over and then looking at my bestie, flirting lightly with a guy I couldnt get my eyes off of. I knew he was looking, checking me out too. My bestie got up and went inside to deal with her guy, which left her seat wide open. Finally, I saw him look at me and I gently kicked the chair out inviting him over to talk to me. He bit. I was THRILLED!!!

He came over and my heart was racing. I had a smile on bigger than any smile I have ever managed to wear in a few months! We began chatting and realized we had some serious chemistry. Five minutes in, he tells me "I really want to take you to dinner...." and I replied easily "I am one thousand percent in....when?"

We exchanged numbers, chatted for at least another hour and set a date to have a first date. I couldnt wait. Over the next week (it took that long to get together), I was so excited to meet with him. I was looking so forward to my date.

Fast foward, after probably 200 sweet texts back and forth, he picks me up for an amazing first date of sushi, hand holding, drinks, conversation and the most perfect first kiss to end the night. It was epic and unforgettable.

So, over winter break, we decided to be spontaneous and jet set to NY to go snowboarding. I have never been snowboarding before, but let me tell you, I was really excited to go. Here is where I apply the title I so aptly named this blog after. I will keep it brief....I picked up on snowboarding really quickly, some may call me a natural. So after a brief stint on the bunny slopes, we hit the mountain. We rode down Mardi Gras and it was a blast, so we decided to go back up again. This time, we rode down Northwind--a green, easy ride (supposedly). About half way down, my boyfriend decides to take an inlet (I have no idea why) that neither of us knew anything about and once we got in it, we were committed. On this inlet, there were three ICE LUGES that propelled us at speeds I was not comfortable handling. Snowboarding on snow is hard enough---on ice paths, yea right!?! I made it through the first one successfully (maybe with a little high pitched squeeling from fear) and then I see it happen. My boyfriend eats in on the second one and goes down right in front of me. In trying to avoid running him over, I try to get out of the way and my board eats the luge and I end up bailing. Airborne I went, face first towards what can only be described as 'this is really going to hurt.' Flying like superman through the air, I find a moment of serenity being totally weightless before crashing down on the hard ice. Hips, abdomen, chest hit in succession and I hit with such force that I felt this big swoosh of wet. Oh.My.God. either I just blew out my ovaries or I peed myself. Sure enough, it was the latter. I hit with such force and such conviction, I knocked the pee out of me. MInd you, I hear my guy screaming for me to get off the luge as I was in the direct path of other resort goers. This inlet let to another lift since we were only mid mountain. Shaking, I undo my foothold and he asks if I am okay--clearly shaken up, I tell him that I REALLY need to go to the lodge. "where is it?" I ask. He reminds me that we are mid mountain and have to go up to come down. Embarrassed, I tell him what just happened. As he laughs, I can only think to myself how happy I am that it was the worst that happened. At least I didn't soil myself LOL. We get to the lodge, I change my clothes and we get back on the slopes. This girl was not done! That fall was not going to scare me off!! It wasn't until I looked at a map of the mountain that I realize that he had taken me on a black diamond (cross cut for those of you who know) on accident. I felt like such a bad-a$$ for actually doing it! No fear!!!!!

For being our first vacation together, only dating a few months and going out of my comfort zone, I am happy that he was so supportive and made sure I was okay on all of my treks.

Again, fast forward, here I am happy as ever and enjoying falling head over heels for an amazing guy who never fails to amaze me each time we are together.

Enjoying the ride on cloud nine, loving the feeling of happiness and experiencing something new, and being happy again :)

Okay, back to blogging about health, wellness and fitness!
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