Getting The "Want To" Attitude Fixed

Thursday, January 24, 2013

There are few things that irk me when it comes to people's attitude. I, myself, am of the thought "do what you do, but be ready to answer for it" and I apply that to everyone. However, the attitude of not wanting to fix their health for tradition's sake far outweighs the others. What I mean by this is when a person has a known history of health issues (i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, fatty liver, impaired kidneys, etc) and will still continue to eat and live in the same manner that gave them the issue in the first place due to traditions of which they do not want to release. I hear it all the time. As a matter of fact, earlier in the week, my own husband alluded to it when I told him that he has to stop eating certain things. His way of holding on to that tradition is by saying: "we all gotta die of something some time." I'm like, seriously?! Really?!

What are we teaching our future generations by having that attitude? What are we telling them by saying out of our lips to pursue your dream and be healthy while doing it although our actions are showing them we don't believe in our own message? Our kids are definitely watching and they are taking names and notes for later usage. That's why we must get our "want to" attitude fixed.

In my mind, we have many attitudes. We have the "can do", the "have to do", the "want to" the "will do" and the "ain't gonna do" just to name a few. I find that for myself, my "can do", "have to do" and the "ain't gonna do" attitudes are able to line themselves up perfectly for whatever it is I desire to do in those areas. For example, I can choose a green smoothie over sausage, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast; I have to take care of my daughter daily and I ain't gonna do 500 push-ups in an hour. However, my "will do" and "want to" attitudes work a little differently. My "will do" attitude is primarily based on my "want to" attitude although there are times when my "will do" attitude can stand with another attitude like "have to do". An example of this is I will wash a load of clothes because I have to have a certain clothing item. After seeing this, one may suggest that it's not the "want to" attitude that I need to fix, but rather the "will do".

While I understand that point and will take it under advisement, I need to fix the "want to" attitude before I deal with the "will do". Here's why: because technically nothing is wrong with the "will do" attitude. The "will do" attitude is all about what I'm willing to do and the lengths I'll go to see it completed. There is nothing wrong with that and as a matter of fact we all have it. The problem with the "want to" attitude is that it's conditional. Meaning excuses. Meaning loophole. Meaning a way NOT to do something that honestly should be done. By fixing my "want to" attitude, I start looking in for a way to not look for a way to get out of it. In fixing it, I also start to understand things about this journey that I wouldn't originally understand. Things like how much work it actually takes may be recognized but neither fully understood or appreciated. I may recognize that push-ups and sit-ups along with other full body engaging exercises are going to get the job done on the weight loss but until I get my "want to" fixed, that's all I'm going to do. I'm just going to recognize it.

When I get my "want to" fixed, I no longer just recognize it, I go out of my way to make it happen by any means necessary. For example, for nutrition, I realized that I wasn't getting enough vegetables in my diet. So I corrected it by juicing. Scale moved. Another example is the kind of exercises I do. I thought I was doing enough but apparently I was wrong. It wasn't until I fixed the "want to" attitude, I was able to get more out of my workouts and watch the scale move.

All I'm saying is that when shift our attitudes from "want to" to "let's do" by fixing the very thing that keeps it locked in the "want to" position, positive things happen. We can accomplish what we've started and we can set ourselves up for future endeavors we desire to do. Truly, when we push the "want to" attitude out of the way, the universe becomes our limitless destination.

Until next time, stay motivated! WE CAN DO THIS...soooooo, LET'S DO THIS!
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