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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I went and got my labwork results back yesterday. All my connective tissue levels are visible but they arent bad. Everything looked good! I am happy I went and established a doctor and all is well. She told me to contact her if I have any NEWS. So Yay on that front! Sometimes peace of mind worth so much.

I have been having a little stress about my online job lately. Coming up on 3 yrs next month. Only problem is I work out of my bosses house and sometimes it's a little tight between me and his wife and kids and whoever else may be working there at any given time. I wont want someone in my house working seeing my stuff laying out. I am sure it gets old for her too and I can understand that. I just really wanna keep this job til I have a kid and then I will leave them alone. I am sure if I wasn't there someone else would be. The job has it's ups and downs. Because of me they can go on vacation for 2 week periods 4 times a summer with their 4 kids and I watch his business. I change their toilet paper, I sort their recycling lol I get their 90 minutes early sometimes and watch their daughter and walk her to school when they are busy in the morning. It's super fun being unappreciated at a job. But you know, I will trade that for making my own schedule, being able to listen to books while I work and have weekends off. Who needs appreciation? lol I will get that from my husband and my dogs when I go home.

Take 2 is over, finally. I need to find ways of spicing this up. Anyone use the ovulation test strips? Any luck? I think next round I will try that. Between husbands stress at work and now this new stress for him. I donno if take two was as great as it could have been. Everyone who has no kids tells me. Don't plan it just do it when u wanna! lol Everyone who has kids is like. Do it everyday! UGHHHH. I like the single persons idea better.
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    As you know, I'm a bit seasoned in the trying to conceive department. I absolutely HAD to start tracking cycles because for almost two years, I was focusing on doing it around day 14 and wasn't getting pregnant. After I finally did get pregnant and miscarried, I tracked my cycles and found out I ovulate on day 22 and have a short luteal phase (too short to stay pregnant). Also, I went and started getting blood work, etc. if I hadn't done any of that, I would have never found out that I have a MTFHR mutation (meaning frolic acid won't cut it for me and it could have resulted in more miscarriages and birth defects had I not sound out). Also, I wouldn't have found out about the 3 or 4 other issues I have keeping me from getting pregnant. So now, even though I still have a long way to go, I know I'm on the right path. But had I not been proactive, I don't know...

    I think it depends how long you've been TTC. You're under 30, which means that most doctors won't consider you to have any potential issues until you've been TTC a year without success. I know a lot of women out there get pregnant quickly, but the reality is, it is not abnormal for it to take 6 months to a year. Even more. How big of a rush are you in?i wasn't in a rush the first time, and it took us just under two years. Now, I'm in a HUGE rush. We spend upwards of 600$ a month on TTC, more if you take into account all of my blood work every few months.

    If you're going to do ovulation strips, remember a positive DOES NOT mean you'll ovulate. It just gives you an idea of how close you are to POSSIBLE ovulation. You have to temp to confirm ovulation. A woman can get positives every month and never ovulate.

    Maybe do strips and temp just for a few months to pin-point when you ovulate. If you do that and find that you ovulate regularly and have a normal luteal phase, I'd stop charting and go back to just relaxing, because if that end is normal, there is no reason why you shouldn't get pregnant eventually (barring any male factor issues).
    1914 days ago
    I didn't do anything with watching ovulation, etc...just let it happen and it did. Just relax and let nature take its course ;)
    1917 days ago
  • THESB25
    I agree with paper wings. Just relax and enjoy the process. Baby will come and you'll be excited you didn't put pressure on yourself.
    1917 days ago
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you two. So excited for you. I think it's a great idea to use the ovulation strips. Every little bit helps.
    1917 days ago
    Ugh I know how you feel about feeling unappreciated at work. I just go to work, do what I have to do while trying to think happy thoughts. People really don't know how good they have it with certain workers until they're gone. Just keep a happy disposition, because you never know if you'll need the job again in case of an emergency.

    Hey lady! Watch your stress! I think that must make an impact one way or another. Just stay healthy and keep your relationship healthy and it will all work itself out.

    I kind of wanted a kid for a bit-- then I told Andy "You know, I love us doing whatever the heck we want, whenever the heck we want, and no one is crying over it." Enjoy your last few weeks/months being a freeeeee woman! Your days are numbered and then baby poop, baby screams, puking on your pants, drooling on your shirts. Sure, having a baby comes with a whole new take on life and it must be one of the coolest feelings to be a mom, but you can't un-mom yourself after that so enjoy your freedom while it lasts. :p I love being selfish! Haha.

    1917 days ago
    I hope you can keep that job too until you have your baby.

    I like the single person plan too. You certainly don't want to turn this into another job. LOL. It will happen.
    1917 days ago
    awww so exciting girl! I hope you are having FUN during this time, and not stressing too much! I say just try and let it happen naturally, and not focus so much on the schedule of ovulation. Make it enjoyable! :D
    1917 days ago
    When I was trying to get pg with my kids, I took my temperature every morning and monitored it, and I could always tell when I ovulated. Even now, I can tell when I'm ovulating because of all the body signs I've learned to track over the years.

    I think keeping that job as long as you can is a good plan, but I can see why you're not crazy about it. :/
    1917 days ago
    It must be kind of weird to be working on making a baby - and I'd guess the ovulation testing stuff would help.

    My sister had trouble getting pregnant due to clogged tubes (endometriosis runs in our family) - after she got them cleaned out, she popped out 5 babies right in a row. So relax, have fun with it, it will happen.
    1917 days ago
    1918 days ago
    i guess it depends on how badly you want kids lol. I mean....i agree it is kinda blah to be like...oh honey im ovulating we HAVE to have sex tonight! kinda takes the romance out of it ya know? I use an app on my phone called woman's log. If your cycles are regular it will predict the week you are most fertile, as well as which day you are predicted to ovulate. So that way you have some lee way at least as to when the "deed" is done. Hope it helps a little =)
    1918 days ago
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