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Shut up, Jillian! I know my body better than you do

Thursday, January 24, 2013

And the question is: ”What will you never hear on the “Biggest Loser?”

But you will hear it in my living room. I have one of Jillian’s DVDs. My daughter gave it to me along with the weights I wrote about last week. I love cardio, but the other stuff? There I need all the motivation I can get.

I assume some people must need or respond to Jillian’s “in your face” method. Not me. Perhaps I’m just too old and ornery or too much of a free spirit. Come to think of it, I doubt I would have made it in the Marines either.

I know Jillian has her fans and even a team here on SP, so let me say that I do like her workouts and completely support “different strokes” and doing whatever works for you.

I prefer SP’s videos, but lately I’ve has issues with them freezing. Of course, I’ve also had problems with heat, electricity and Internet access, so I can’t blame SP and a DVD is an alternative.

I have no problem with most of Jillian’s routines, except for jumping jacks. My body considers that a most unnatural motion. Maybe it’s my flat, over-pronating feet, but thrusting my legs out sideways and hopping back in again, over and over, feels very stressful on my knees. I don’t have knee problems (sound of me knocking wood), but if I make them do that, I’m afraid I soon will.

Jillian loves her title of “world’s toughest trainer,” and to her credit she does point out modifications for some of the exercises. NOT for jumping jacks! There she yells that even 400 lb people can do jumping jacks – NO MODIFICATIONS!

I wonder how she reconciles her attitude, with the disclaimer at the beginning of the video. Basically, they are not responsible for any injuries.

I understand personal responsibility and I’m grateful for all the resources I’ve had that have allowed me to get to and remain in maintenance without verbal harassment. For me that would have been counter-productive.

As for Jillian’s DVDs, I’ll still use them. I’m just glad I have a mute button.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well said. I don't think people need to be yelled at, but I'll admit I can't stand the "mushy" ones either. Denise Austin just about drives me crazy with her too sweet and too encouraging voice. "Come on you can do it," is fine, but over and over again...UGH! I guess that's why I don't use a lot of videos.

    Thanks for the blog. It looks like many people agree with you and it's nice to see that others have similar feelings and experiences. emoticon
    1908 days ago
    emoticon I fully agree with you. I don't like the "in your face approach"-- it's not gonna work for me.
    1910 days ago
    When we do jump jacks in Zumba the instructor has modifications that including jumping and ones without. I jump but I don't spread my legs as far and I modify the arm movement so it's easier on my shoulders. Jumping jacks may require modification for the older crowd. No shame in that.
    1910 days ago
    I find she comes across as a fat hater, not a motivator. That could just be my point of view though. No one should be crying because they're in pain and someone else wants them to "do 5 more".

    Of the 2 original trainers, I prefer Bob, he seems calmer and more receptive. Either way, I don't watch the show anymore, even with it on Netflix.
    1911 days ago
    I agree too, those jumping jacks are just not my natural thing, makes everything hurt, even my head emoticon
    1911 days ago
  • DEBBY4576
    I don't like to be yelled at. Don't like watching it on Biggest Loser either. I suppose it has it's place. But not in my life.
    1911 days ago
    The drill sergeant routine may get you going and help you to see your potential, but I don't believe you can depend on it for a lifestyle change. It also wouldn't work for me at this stage of my life. Yes, it did lots of good when I went through basic training in 1970, but there would be too much resentment now -- I don't respond well to intimidation tactics, and I have never thought too much of the people who use them in their regular jobs.
    1911 days ago
    Jillian on mute. Perfect.
    1912 days ago
    Thank you. I will no longer feel guilty when she shouts that I must do the jumping jacks because even her 400 pound clients on BLC can do them. I'm not doing the jumping jacks (yet, if ever). I DO modify them by running in place and doing the arm movements and do the same thing with the "jumping rope" action. Doing the jumping makes my knees AND ankles both crack and pop on every single jump--not to mention the discomfort. I have a history of knee problems and since losing 80 pounds and developing a consistent exercise routine, my knee problems have virtually disappeared (except for Zumba nights). You are right on the money. Know your body. Know when you should push your limits and know when you are avoiding damage.
    1912 days ago
    I suspect the drill Sargeant routine works in real life much better than via DVD.

    I will never forget Navy boot camp, which was just about 50 years ago. It works on the toughest and weakest recruits, and will force you to reach deep inside for that last fibre of effort. You emerge stronger than you'd believe possible. Thanks to those bastards in boot camp I found out how strong I really was.

    Perhaps it must be witnessed first hand to appreciate.

    Hey, I am glad we can disagree from time to time, it got boring aggreeing with almost everything you wrote. :)

    1912 days ago
  • DR1939
    I agree wholeheartedly.
    1912 days ago
    Made me think of my children - with DD you couldn't even raise your voice (once DH and I used "elevated voices" (truly not very loud) with one another and we looked over and she was cowering in a corner). She was the "perfect" child and it was easy to speak quietly with her. Then DS came along and what a handful. I would find myself yelling and he would yell right back (at age 2). Different strokes for different folks. I don't like hearing someone else being yelled at little long anyone yelling at me.
    1912 days ago
    I have a bit of a hip problem, and I KNOW I can't do jumping jacks any more! I have no problem adapting whatever exercise videos throw at me, or dropping them altogether.
    1912 days ago
    I am sure some 400 pound people can do jumping jacks but this 158 pound person with a bad knee and DD chest does not. Way too much impact and shouting at me wouldn't change that. I have never watched one of her videos but shouting at me is more likely to make me work less than more. I have a Petra Kolbert video that is has some encouraging to work at your own pace but mostly just very straight forward. I am with Kanoe, mute button and some music.
    1912 days ago
    I am with you. Tell me I am doing great and I respond better.
    1912 days ago
  • OJ_2_OK
    i was told you don't have to thrust your legs out very far to get the benefits of a jumping jack. Just make sure you have good shoe support. However, if your knees feel discomfort, don't do them.
    1912 days ago
    I don't like to hear anyone yelling, not even on news discussion shows.
    1912 days ago
    Another great blog! I did the 30 day shred after both pregnancies and I have all her one liners memorized. I prefer my peaceful runs over her screaming voice any day.
    1912 days ago
    LOL - I say YOU decide!! And while Jillian may not offer them, there ARE modifications for JJs -

    As you said, YOU know your body!! And its up to you to keep it healthy!! emoticon
    1912 days ago
    I agree, she can be over the top but apparently it works for me at times. I couldn't listen to her all the time. I have the 30 day shred DVD that I love, just not all the time.

    I was watching the biggest loser the other day and she was getting into it with a woman on the treadmill who broke down saying she couldn't do it and apparently she had before. Jillian was going on and on to her that she has to stop the crying, she has done this before, she has to stop saying she can't, yadda yadda.

    I thought that was rediculous. The next night, I was on the treadmill at the gym and I just didn't have it, I was extremely frustrated after I pushed myself and had a great run a few days before. Jillian popped in my head yelling at me... "you've done 5Ks, you're run obstacle course races, you have run 3 miles on the treadmill before, what is the matter with you, shut up and run!"

    Okay that was all me but in my head, I put Jillian voice to it and I got moving and I pushed myself just a little harder to finish.

    She's definitely not for everyone!
    1912 days ago
    I've never responded well to drill sargeant . . . or to excessively cheery "encouragement" . . . or for that matter to huge dollops of sympathy. Probably the reason I haven't worked very often with a personal trainer.
    1912 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I would use that mute button also. Nor do I like jumping jacks. However, in this cold weather, we are forced to use alternative exercise. Good for you keeping on track and exercising! emoticon
    1912 days ago
    1912 days ago
    I agree and if I was skinny I would not be working out as much any way
    1912 days ago
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