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All went well. It went better than well, DH is doing great.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The day began with NO SNOW! What a relief !
DH and I did the exercises on my bed it has a much firmer mattress that my back loves. Then I helped him to get ready to get out of the house down the steps and in to the minivan. We did fine, especially DH. He is still using the walker but doing much better with it.

The drive was sunny but the temperature was 5 degrees F.
The medical center car park was full there was no way I was letting him walk so I drove straight up to the door between the posts that were there to keep people out. I helped him out of the car and in to the building. Then I almost hit the foolish posts but I saw it in my mirror JUST IN TIME Woo Hoo.

The Surgeon's PA was very pleased , he removed the staples and after talking to DH he asked how my week had gone. I told him it was difficult. He asked why. I told him I had to help DH with exercises and his brace and now my back is killing me. He asked my why I did not have a therapist come in. I told him I was asked if DH had someone at home and I said yes-- ME!! The therapist told me to help DH do the exercises and it was definitely necessary in the beginning.

I told him I had a paper from the discharge summary and nothing was filled out or signed.
I was asked to bring round the car and the nurse would meet us down there. DH in the wheel chair had hold of some papers, I asked what they were and the nurse said his discharge instructions. I took them from him and we drove home. It was not until Friday I had thought to look at them. There were no instructions and no signatures, no PT name and no need for any rehab.
No place for our PC it just had typed in not in the system. She made the referral from the beginning so she should have been n the system.

I took the paper with me to show him and he thanked me. I told him DH and I had NO PROBLEM with the surgery at all. I told him I had no idea what I would have to be doing for DH, I never thought to tell anyone I had a back issue. I was only asked if there was someone for him at home.

He asked why I did not call and I showed him the paper there were no contacts typed in or signed. I knew the surgeon was on the West coast and the office was closed and it was now a long weekend so I knew the only place to go to was the Dr's office in town and it is staffed by medical student interns. I was more comfortable doing this myself than involving anyone else at that point.

He agreed and he showed DH a number of ways to do things differently and he and DH had a talk and now he is doing a lot more on his own after getting some tips from the surgeon's PA.

Tonight DH took off to the room and removed his brace and got on to the bed and did his exercises alone. Then he discovered he had new standing exercises to do and he did them in the living room where I am sparking,and he did great.

He is almost independent now, he is much more comfortable with the staples out and I feel LIBERATED !!!

Tomorrow I will be taking a very long bath and I will have a good day, so will DH.
Thanks for reading my blog.
I am so looking forward to my 28 day challenge in February.
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