Feeling Better (and a Picture)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well, I still have a hacking cough, but I do feel markedly better today. I can actually breath which is always a good thing, and my throat doesn't hurt anymore. Just the cough. I am kind of sneezy too, so I am thinking it IS allergies with post nasal drip. It could have been from the smokefest on Sunday. We had a bon fire AND my BFF's DH totally smoked the heck out of the turkey (so yum as I have mentioned). So hopefully just a few days with no smokiness and I will be good to go.

As it is I did walk (actually did the C25K program) up to the gym, and did my Zumba (yay), and walked back. So I got plenty of exercise today. My legs are feeling the running I am doing. I must be using muscles I do not use in Zumba, Body Combat, swimming, Body Pump or Cycling when I run. Who knew?! I guess that is why it is good to cross train huh? I am always confusing my body about what I am going to throw at it. I guess a really great way not to get bored eh?

I have just discovered the yumminess of LOOSE LEAF tea. My bff for second Christmas got me some loose leaf teas and a tea ball. I was too blech to make any the last two days, but I made the Kumquat black tea today. Mmm so yum. Really enjoyed it. I think it tastes 10 x better than just the bagged tea.. Much more fresh and fragrant. I have three different flavors now, and I am going to have get some more. I would also love one of those Chinese/Japanese tea pots like they have at PF Changs with the little tiny tea cups. Makes me feel all warm and special.

Here is a pic of me at California Pizza Kitchen on Saturday (see it was a REALLY bad food weekend). A little back history on the dress that I fit into. I have not worn this dress since 1999. It was the dress I wore for *THE* party of the Century. I believe I was 145 pounds at the time. I am 170, and I believe I fit in it better than I did way back then. This is telling me my strength training is most assuredly paying off. Here it is:

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