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My FFF Detox

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

was a bit of a non-event.

I drank bucketfulls of water and nothing but water. Turns out I still do not like water. Plus, aside from being terribly sad that I couldn't have tea (I'm English! It's like oxygen!), I didn't notice one bit of difference.

I've never really believed in detoxes and this just kinda proved my point. To me, anyway. Other people probably got some good out of their detoxes.

I do have BIG news though: I am officially signed up for the Cancer Research Race For Life in May!
AAAAHHH WHAT HAVE I DONE?? was my very first reaction when I got the confirmation email. Then I cried quite a lot because I set up my sponsorship page and decided to do the run in memory of my grandma.
Here it is, if you're interested www.raceforlifesponsorme

Every single step I run in that race, I'm going to imagine cancer's face under my foot.

To get into the spirit, I ordered a tshirt. It's bright pink (the theme of the race is pink) and says "cancer, we're coming to get you". It's awesome.
It's also a size 10. I may have shrunk my backside down to a size 12 but I haven't quite got my top half to squeeze into a 10 yet. Let's hope I don't go completely off the rails between now and May!
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