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Fat Bike is Done!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PART 1: Dropped By The Shop

I dropped by the Golden Bike Shop last night. I wanted to change the saddle selection from the WTB Rocket to a WTB Pure V Pro. The salesguy was jazzed! He says "Bruce, my man, the spokes are in and your bike will be done late tonight!"

I was driving my Toyota Corolla commuter car. I was not expecting to pick up a bike. Rats! The bike shop guy took a photo of the completed bike with his phone camera. Here is my 907!

Unfortunately, I can't get it until tomorrow! My beagle, Lucas, had to have surgery today. I am waiting by the phone if I have to authorize additional work. Lucas will be fine. The vet is removing a benign growth from his colon.

I am bummed! My poor dog had to go under the knife. My bike is all ready and I can't go get it. Now, I think I am coming down with a cold.

Part 2: Last Minute Change

While I was at the shop yesterday, a bike tech stuck his head out of the back room repair area and asked if I wanted the stock 24 tooth small chainring or the special 22 tooth small chainring. I opted for the 22 tooth chainring.

My 907 is 2x10. The crankset has 36-22T chainrings . I specified 10 speed rear cogs with a gear range of 11-36T.

(Note: 2 x10 means there are 2 chainrings on the crank and 10 cogs on the rear wheel. "T" is shorthand for "tooth")

This is very low gearing for any bike. In low gear, I will have to make 1.6 crank revolutions to get 1 revolution of the tire. In high gear, a single crank revolution will cause the tire to rotate 3.3 times.

My bike will be very slow and very fast. This is a good thing.

Thanks for reading my blog.
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