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Day 217: Frigid Air and Frozen Scales

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Morning Sparklers!

From the look of my Friend Feed today a lot of us are deailing with similar issues. First, let's face it - for most of us it's flipping COLD! Here in Pittsburgh it was 7 degrees when I woke up and projected only to rise to about 11 - in spite of blue skies and sunshine!

Yes, dear friends, winter has arrived.

Winter makes a lot of things hard.

First, it's hard to motivate yourself to spend more time outside when the environment isn't pleasant. Second the cold simply takes a lot of options away. I have no problem running in 20-30 degree temps; but. single digits? Ugh.

The other unforeseen outcome of cold weather is that the gym gets ridiculously overcrowded. I'm talking when I went after work yesterday there wasn't an open treadmill, eliptical or bike. RIDICULOUS. I mean, I appreciate that other people want to get their workouts in, too; but, man, that was CRAZY. I'm quite certain today is going to be no different.

I have a few very simple tips if you're struggling to deal with cold weather - and I invite you to share some of your own in the comments below!

1. Be realistic: How cold is too cold? I believe this is an individual question and a fine line. For some, too cold is when their fingers start off numb during a run; for others it's frostbite weather.
2. Plan. There are two types of planning. There is the planning that goes into making certain that your apparel is appropriate for the weather and there is planning to get activity in another way. ALWAYS have a backup plan, even if you feel you have the right clothes. Why? Because you may plan to run five miles, do one and turn around and go home! So, think of things that you could do instead of your outdoor walk or run. Consider joinng a gym (or finding one that allows you to purchase guest day passes); look at what you have available indoors (like stairs in an office for example); and perhaps consider a new activity such as fitness DVDs. There are lots of ways to stay active when the weather's cold, don't let some low temps steal your motivation!
3. Going back to apparel there are plenty of guides on what to wear online. Read them. Believe them.
4. Do not walk outside in the morning to 'test' the air temperature. You will only convince yourself it's too cold. Get used to knowing temperature by number, not feel.

The other things I've been reading about is Frozen scales. Man, my scale isn't exactly frozen; but, if I took the number on it's face day by day I'd think it was. Truth is that daily my weight doesn't move much, and it shouldn't. Today, for example, I'm up four tenths (.4) of a pound. Still, that pushed my scale from 186.4 to 187. It's really easy to get fixated on that number. However, what I'm interested in are trends. I look at my weekly weight average that way I can get a true feel for what's going on rather than have to face the cruelty of sodium's vengence.

In more personal news today is food day at work. I have consumed two pieces of pepperoni roll and copius amounts of fruit. Here's hoping they balance out.

Plan is to be at the gym by 5 today. Gotta work off all the noms!

Stay warm, Sparklers!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good ideas, I keep eyeing up the 5 story stair well in my office building, only the bottom 3 floors are occupied so I'm not sure what I'd find if I went all the way up, I should try it some time :)

    It's rediculously cold here too (12 degrees on my way into work) but it's been too cold for outdoor exercise for me for a while. Come winter time I switch to dancing around my living room and finally found a way to afford a Y membership.
    1976 days ago
    My solution: I never go outside :O

    No srsly.

    Sorry, I'm no help for the outdoorsies, but I do all my biking inside, and I STILL whine about it being too cold when I have to get out of my warm, warm bed :P
    1977 days ago
    I mostly exercise in the gym. I know what you mean by cold but it's kind of weird up here in Vancouver, Canada. Our temperatures don't look that low but it is always damp so it feels really chilly. Yuck! Well, Spring is just around the corner, huh? emoticon
    1977 days ago
    Good ideas! I know it's cold where I am...-7F to be exact. No way I'm exercising outside. Good news I have an exercise bike & Wii Zumba to fill my time, that and a toddler who loves to be manhandled & thrown around a bit ;)
    She's about 25 pounds so my toddler bench presses make my arms quiver.

    Hope you stay warm and find your work out niche. I'm trying desperately to stay away from chocolate today. It's psychic....sending me subliminal messages....
    dang it!
    lol, enjoy the rest of your week!

    1977 days ago
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