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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GOOD MORNING SPARKERS! It's Tuesday! And... thus, my routine is getting all cray-cray as we kick of 2013 right and kick our booty's into gear to meet all of our goals! WOO!

So - I woke up extra early to get a workout in - well, not that early, like 545am. I have friends that wake up as early as 4am, but I'm in a transitional phase and I LOVE my sleep... I'm not ready to shock it into the 4amness, but I think that 545am still gives me time to spend about 30 minutes on the treadmill, get a great breakfast (this morning was oats, flax, and strawberries) and make it to work, still looking decent.... since I work an office job, I do have to appear semirespectable and appear to know what the heck I'm doing.

Hubby woke up with me this morning too. His neck is all tweeked up. (He's had a pinched nerve for a while, and it pops in and out depending on his stress, how he sleeps, and usually means he's in pain for a day or so, but with IBProfen and Heat it tends to loosen the muscles up so things can align again) I tried to talk him into working out with me, but I learned 3 major things about my workouts and why they are strictly ME TIME:

emoticon 1. Whilest on the treadmill, I like to dance, sing, and make it fun. I also like to zone out and go as fast as 8.5-9 mph, or as slow as 3.5 mph for cool down... and I don't want anyone telling me how or when to do this.

emoticon 2. I also like to listen to Pandora - mainly the Lady Gaga station. On this station, you will also find other dancey type female singers - like Ke$ha, Rhianna, and Brittney Spears.... not necessarily MAN music.

emoticon 3. When 'zoning out' while getting my cardio on - I usually think a lot about me, my life, where we're going, bills, my relationships, my friendships, etc... and I don't like it interrupted. I started waking up in the morning so that I would have me time for my brain to process and to get those endorphins and runners smiles. I call them runners smiles because getting 'high' on those endorphins just makes me smile all the livelong day!

So... this morning, hubby just watched The Today Show, and has been working on his neck.... I'm feeling good though and raring to take on the day!

Life is Good! I thought too after I started this blog of writing down my goals again so they are fresh, as well as the things to come in this girls life:

emoticon Goals:

emoticon Current Weight: 161lbs. (I'm 5'5.5" five five and one half inches tall)
emoticon Goal Weight: 145-150 lbs

(As if I haven't typed it out enough, just a reminder for myself here)

emoticon Stay strong and NOT let my enablers enable me to making bad decisions.

emoticon Smile More.

emoticon Be the best wife I can be. Not Let Money Affect Me.... it's just Money. You have it, you give it. You need it, you take it. Money doesn't mean a thing. Relationship and People are what truly matter.

emoticon Let some criticism roll off me, like water on a ducks back!

As for things to come:

emoticon Workwise - getting ready for that Vegas training trip. Two weeksish from today. Work is still busy busy, but I'm optimistic I'll learn a lot from this trip and it'll be worth it for sure.

emoticon Homewise - Spring cleaning is coming up. I'm not going to buy more clothes or anything in order to budget better, and not enable myself to stay the size I am.

emoticon Bodywise - still no Aunt Flo. Called my OB (I was due Jan 2nd) and I took an pregnancy test per her advisement, and have been about once a week, and they are all negative. And I haven't been getting jiggy with it, and I think just changing my diet and exercise has thrown off my cycle. I'm not in pain, so I don' think anything is wrong, I just think my body is adjusting from the three month hiatus I took from workouts and eating right... so I'm just going to practice patience and let my body figure itself out....

emoticon Brainwise - Still trying to learn as much as I can and read, read, read. Since my kindle gift from Christmas, I've been loading up on all the Amazon freebies. I'm reading a comedy book right now "this little piggy went to the liquor store" and it's pretty funny. I also recommend "Waking Up Married" If you're looking for a very cute romantic comedy and easy read.

emoticon Relation/Friend/Family-shipwis
e - 2013 I've wanted to work on my relationships and friendships. 2012 I was kinda a huge slacker (besides getting to see my BFF Brendark, but I'd do just about anything for that girl, that's what almost 15 years of friendship will do to a girl!) so I want to work on my friendships online and face-to-face. I promise i'll comment and read more of your blogs and I'm going to really make time and pay more attention to my friendships, my relationships, and my 'familyships' cause even those can be toxic if you're not careful!

Let's Get Our Joggy On! (I accidentally typed that earlier instead of Jiggy... and I like Joggy Better!)

So--- there we go Sparkers! Now, as promised, I'm going to go through and check in with you guys and read and comment on your blogs, cause I've been the worst Sparker Communicator!

Na na na na na na - Get JOGGY with it!

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