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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I think I am experiencing the typical thing most women experience. I can't justify taking time for me, "because there is just so much to do."

Oh - how many times have I said that?

Since I work out of our house, I feel like I can't take even 10 minutes just for me. There is a farm to tend to. We have our online business to take care of. There are projects to get done before the weather gets nice and we move our focus back outside.
So I feel guilty if I stop to log my food or pop in a dvd. There are always so much that needs to be done.

I've tried to incorporate my daily duties into fitness minutes, but it is so hard to translate. What I generally do is just list it as walking minutes, even though just prepping things for shipping involves climbing up ladders, lifting heavy objects, bending and squatting. It all adds up to constant moving.

Now this isn't all bad. I lost 5 pounds last week! That is a total of 7 in 2 weeks and I'm so pumped about it.

But I can't reconcile what I KNOW I need to do for me and what I NEED to get done around here. I could keep going on this way - because it is working - but I want to jump start it with my spin dvd and not plateau.

I'm up with my husband at 4:30 every morning and we don't 'hit the hay' until after 9:00. I decided to log my day and see if there are those spare minutes just hiding in plain sight. Here was my Monday:

4:30 - annoying alarm sounds.
4:31 - complain about annoying alarm.
4:32 - Out of bed to make hubs lunch and start breakfast.
4:40 - Iron shirt for Joe because I forgot to do it last week
4:50 - Feed dog/cats
4:53 - Breakfast with Joe and critters
5:15 - Clear table
5:20 - Get hubs out door for work
5:21 - Load dishwasher
5:25 - Make coffee and clean up counters
5:32 - Feed chickens - thaw out water dishes - replenish with warm clean water (Must they always poop in their water?) and collect eggs
5:45 - wash eggs
5: 50 - Coffee while sorting laundry
6:10 - damn we have a lot of laundry
6:11 - start whites load
6:15 - start daily packing for shipping
9:50 - finished ebay shipping (transferred whites to drier and added next load)
9:50 - started etsy shipping
11:30 - finished etsy packing and shipping (transferred load 2 to drier and started load 3)
12:00 - lunch
12:10 - load packages to ship
12:20 - remembered today is MLK day and no post office hours today
12:21 - start cleaning house
2:20 - done with house - finished load 3 and started load 4 during same time
2:30 - brought mounds of laundry for folding
2:32 - forgot I needed to make bed
2:40 - completed changing sheets and blankets
2:45 - started folding and putting away laundry
3:20 - started iron shirts
3:45 - hung up shirts and put away shoes
3:50 - found leak under sink
3:51 - much cursing involved during disassembly of sink and replacing gasket
4:10 - husband arrives and finishes replacing gasket
4:15 - start dinner
5:00 - guests arrive for lessons Joe is giving
5:05 - start packing up Monday's sales
6:00 - back out to check chickens and replenish warm water
6:10 - check roast and start veggies
6: 25 - students leave - much rejoicing by me
6: 35 - dinner
7:00 - clean up kitchen
7:30 - prepare items for Tuesday photography
8:00 - cut husband's hair
8:30 - tub soak
8:50 - getting ready for bed
9:00 - bed

Argh! This is frustrating. The truth is, I could put something off, but it will just build up the next day. I can swap out laundry in my list but it gets replaced with another thing that is just as time consuming.

This is what everyone deals with so how do you fit in the time and not feel guilty about not getting something else done because you worked out?
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  • SUSIEQ911
    Wow, that is busy. Maybe you should track everyday for week and see if there are things you can consolidate or do less often.

    You deserve time for yourself, especially for exercise. One it helps you stay fit and healty and 2 it's good for your mind too. And if that doesn't get you, just think that it will lengthen your life. That's kind of important.
    1978 days ago
    yup I know how you feel. I love playing the sims 3 on the computer but i never have time to play them because i feel like there is always something to be done. I can turn it on and 6 hours latter william says are you still playing that game and I'm like no I just started I had to get up and fix food, chase the baby , changes diapers feed the baby. clean the house. answer the phone , check homework, listen to 11 year old gossip about school , pick up yarn the cat drug threw the house .
    I work 10 hour days 4 days a week but still try and do stuff online to make money and its a lot of work that is just time consuming. you have to take pictures upload them then download them on the site add information and instructions figure out shipping then pack it and drive it to the post office. I hate going to the post office so i only ship once a week . the other day i did my exercise at 11pm but im use to being up late and even though the baby has me up at 4am i dont plan to stay up I usually get up at 7:30 for the day.
    1979 days ago
    Aw the joys of being young....wait until you both retire..then the fun begins..but really find myself almost as busy some days. I wash dishes by hand as it took me as long to rinse and clean kitchen so now have cut out about 10minutes of cleaning kitchen time. I do bed linens once a week and I fold my laundry as it comes out of the dryer before next load goes in..this way it seems it all gets done faster for some reason. but then we have chest freezer in laundry room I use like a table..I also remember the days when our sons still lived at home and how much extra it seemed I had to do but always managed. but good to see you are getting to bed at decent hour for such early rising time..Time management is something all need to learn really!!

    1979 days ago
    This can't be everyday duties. Why not put certain things on certain date. For instance, change sheets and blankets only on Wednesday (that only saves 5 minutes on other days), let husband pick a day and go to a barber (30 minutes saved on other days), switch days for husband to chip in and clean the kitchen (30 minutes saved on other days), what time does your husband come home--can he help with the packaging the night before so you can mail the packages the next day--oh! he comes in at 4:10. Add some time to talk to your husband about the need you have for a break in your day--or he can watch you have a nervous breakdown.

    Your activities would overwhelm me to the point that I probably would not do anything. See, I do not believe in multiple-tasking which is what you are doing. There are not enough minutes between your duties.

    1 minute meditation:

    1979 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/22/2013 2:40:55 PM
    I am a working mom of two, whose husband is in the military so I pull single Mom Duty 6 to 8 months a year. I am running to dance, cubscouts, work, church, etc. nonstop. What I have done it get up 1/2 a hour before anyone else to get in a 1/2 workout. While getting my kids up and dressed I do hand weight exercises or strength training repetitions. While they eat what I have prepared for them I get another 10 minutes of something in. Then if I am lucky once they leave for the bus I get 10 more minutes in before having to jump in the shower and getting ready for work myself. What I have found is I may not always get 30 minutes in at a time but several 10 minutes segments add up with time and help with your toning. I have actually gone as far as march in place while folding laundry to up my calorie burn or do calf stretches while filing at work.
    1979 days ago
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