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Today's Blog Brought to You by Chocolate

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We went to Northern Europe at the end of last November ostensibly for a business trip but really it was a much needed dream vacation. We were in Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam. It was wonderful even though, I kid you not, it rained EVERY dam day we were there. Even the days where the sky looks blue in my pictures (976 taken!), it rained at some point. Do not go there at the end of November.

Belgium is known for it's chocolates, right? And beer, but that's another blog. Paris is known for what? Lights? Museums? Paris has never been on my radar much so I don't know. Amsterdam is known for it's pot cafes. And bikes. And canals. And museums.

We get off the plane in Brussels, get on a tram to the train station to get the high speed to Paris. First thing we see? Chocolate!

It's huge train made of chocolate in the Brussels Midi train station. Some kind of Guinness Book of World Records thing, biggest thing ever made of chocolate or something. It had all kinds of cars. It had signs around it imploring people to please not eat it. Like I'm going to eat chocolate that's been sitting in this filthy train station for who knows how long? (I felt the signs were for us retarded Americans.)

Some of the cars, with the mentioned signs-

Then, in the same train station, sitting over by itself with no one paying any attention to it was this beauty:

A chocolate grand piano! I wanted to play it till the keys melted under my fast little hands, but of course there was a sign about please don't play the piano you stupid American tourists. At this point I both love and hate Brussels. And I want some chocolate! Preferabley BIG chocolate. There were many shops in the station to fulfill this need. And damn, they do know how to make chocolate.

Walking around Brussels, the old areas at least, there are more chocolate shops. It was the holiday season and this is their Santa (Sinkerclaus?). I loved how they had him available for all nationalities. You got your Sinker for white folks and for black folks and for all the shades in between.

Chocolate Carousel!! I wanted to buy this and break off those little ponies one. at. a. time.

In Amsterdam they were not so into Chocolate, they were into pot smoking but they did offer an abundance of "Now I've got the munchies" goodies, including chocolate covered waffles. Coincidence?

We ate a lot of chocolate, in many forms. I failed to document most of it, was busy. Here's a little dessert we had at beer joint in Amsterdam. Yes, we drank beer and ate chocolate at the same time. They don't go together.
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