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Dean Ornish vs: Dr. Oz

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My husband was recently diagnosed with heart disease...three main cardiac arteries almost completely blocked. He has put himself on a severe diet...almost no fat; no meat; and low low sugar. He needs to manage his diabetes as well as clear the blockage from his heart vessels. They are also using stents and angioplasty to open the arteries. He has had one artery done thus far and they are going in in the end of February to do the other vessel. The third one (70% blocked) they are going to leave alone. So it has been left to me to cook for this man according to these difficult addition to his own personal likes and dislikes. The grocery bill was high and I did not buy hardly anything for myself....Breakfast and lunch are catch as catch can...trying to scramble and find something for myself to eat is hard.

The dinners have been a bit challenging for me to cook. I had really only been cooking simple things and now have been thrust once again into full scale preparation. It is hard for me to stand long enough to cook these legs go completely numb by the time dinner is served. I'm not trying to complain....just need to somehow come up with a menu and a bevvy of things to make that don't break the bank and don't break my back. I"m sure it will become easier with time. My husband bought several books with recipes online. Unfortunately one of these books is Dean Ornish's "Reversing Heart Disease" from 1995 and many of the principles in it are old fashioned and go against the wisdom of today. My husband, while to some degree he recognizes this fact, is kind of a radical thinker and if a little is good; none is he places some perhaps unnecessary strictures on my cooking.

I"m currently reading "YOU on a Diet" by Dr. Oz and I so much wish my husband would read and follow this diet instead. It seems much more plausible and full of wisdom based on the biology of the body. After all, what good is a diet if you cannot stick to it?

I will probably lose some weight on this meal plan just because of the lack of food in the house! I bought a pair of pants from Kohl's online. Actually I bought the same pair of pants in two sizes. One of them is the size i am currently. However when I tried them on, they were an inch or two too small in the waist. (they must be cut small as I am wearing other pants in the same size). So those are my goals. To fit into those two pair of pants --one by one--before the summer comes and it is too hot to wear them.
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  • _LINDA
    Your husband is putting his faith in an 18 year old book?? Oyyy. Good suggestions here too about using a chair to veggie prep if you can't afford pre cut prewashed.. Maybe you could ask your husband to read the Oz book? He can't ignore the huge following this man has, he is very popular. Again, Spark's recipes are geared for healthy meals and there was a few articles on shopping with a budget. Scouring for coupons online and in flyers, getting sale items that you need, buying in season are just a few of the main tips.
    Good luck with this..
    2828 days ago
  • KATHY024
    I also remember reading Dr. Ornish's plan and thought that it was too radical of a change for me. You are right that a lot of the theories expressed in that book have been replaced. Hang in there and keep trying to push a healthier diet. emoticon
    2832 days ago
  • KATHY024
    Good comments from everyone. Indeed it is rough to change. My DH has suddenly wanted Greek salad for lunches. Cutting all those veggies and making the dressing from scratch is a good 45 minutes not counting the time spent grilling chicken breasts. I do the chicken in batches ahead of time and freeze bags full of it, but it's a lot. Lately when he has asked me if there is anything he can do, I say yes, you can cut up the veggies! He has a whole new appreciation for the time it takes to make this salad!! Maybe it is time for your hubby to pitch in too with his meal plan. emoticon
    2832 days ago
    I think revamping meal plans - changing the routine, buying different foods, "re-learning" cooking - is one of the most difficult things to do. Hang in there, kiddo - as some of the others have said, I think it will get easier as time goes on and you get used to it.

    As for standing: have you thought about trying one of the high kitchen stools? It might enable you to not have to stand as much, or at least, not continuously.
    2833 days ago
    I bought a stool to sit on at the kitchen counter to prep food. That would probably help you as well. The other option is to get a tray and take it and the food that needs prepping to a chair that is comfortable and prepare the food there. The most expensive option is to buy food already chopped up. I do this mainly for salad because if I buy heads of lettuce or cabbage, it usually goes bad before I use it.

    You also might want to look into preparing casseroles or crockpot dishes that can be frozen. Typically, I do all my cooking on Sundays and then we eat what I make during the week.

    Good luck.
    2834 days ago
    maybe smoothies are a good way to go for one or two meals a day?? is your hubby unable to help with cooking? it sounds challenging. praying you find some solutions you can BOTH live with. emoticon
    2834 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    Well sweetie, you're looking on the good side and that's the best you can do in this situation. Just plain simple meals are the key pretty much, aren't they? Everything separate. like chicken breasts, veggies hot and cold, fruit salad, etc. I know that when I do that and don't get real fancy, I can lose weight too, so good luck to you. There's good in every bad. emoticon emoticon emoticon I'll be pretty much eating like that too, so I'll be by your side! emoticon
    2834 days ago
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