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2013.01.21: "Yaje? You're drinking yaje?"

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It was "Teso Dos Bichos" (1996) this evening, along with "Meet Jane Doe." It was a day for modified recipes and some computer work.


I throw the expression "hot mess" around quite liberally.

Last night Ms. S. and I watched "The Losers" (Chris Evans, J. D. Morgan ... and more!) ... it was just a mess, not a hot mess. Nothing hot about it. Lazy editing and directing, a waste of an overqualified cast and a witty script. But there was no momentum between scenes; there were only minor set pieces.

But you want a hot mess?

"Teso Dos Bichos."

A lot of people dislike the episode -- including a lot of folks involved in its production -- but there's something really endearing about an episode that sort of promises us a South American curse and a jaguar that goes around killing people, perhaps even a Cat People kind of transformation from man to jaguar and back again ... something endearing about this when -- spoiler alert! -- it turns out to be a swarm of feral house cats. Just before *that* reveal we get a fake out ... a cat! ... and then Mulder and Scully mosey down the steam tunnels, and we then expect a jaguar to pounce ... but NO! ... it's a swarm of cats.

And this is the point at which Ms. S. sort of fell in love with it.

Plus we had Tom McBeath ... aka Maybourne from SG-1.

Over in 'Dollhouse' several months pass, DeWitt loses control of the L.A. dollhouse to a Carradine, and Topher goes off the rails in mad scientist mode and develops the end of civilization along the way. We get DeWitt's return to power, as well ... and a scary cold return it is. We get Paul Ballard off in Texas with Echo, and so on.

There are six episodes of each show (per season) left, so as long as we keep them airing 1-for-1, we'll finish both at the same time and before the month ends, giving us a break before February and whatever we decide to pick up to replace 'Dollhouse'.


I was inspired by a recipe for sauteed cumin carrots -- toasted cumin seeds, then butter, powdered cumin and salt and pepper, carrots, orange juice, as well as juice and zest of a lime -- to do my own slight variation (no oranges, but I had lemon; no white pepper, so I just used black, etc.); I served them for dinner, but while I loved them Ms. S. found them far too citrusy.

More for me, though.

Instead of squares of tofu I roasted little cubes tonight. More of less the same process. A nice golden brown to them, and custardy on the inside, though the smaller ones were a little overdone.

Someone commented upon rice with a little Italian dressing and cheddar cheese as their favorite new comfort food -- or go-to-filling-treat -- and I figured a vegan variation for Ms. S. wouldn't be out of the question. So brown rice was cooked normally and then set aside. A quarter cup or so of water, a teaspoon or so of Earth Balance and half tablespoon or more of nutritional yeast (plus a liberaldose of dried basil, a dash of pepper and splash of balsamic vinaigrette or similar) were stirred and reduced, then stirred into the rice, producing an almost cheese rice side dish with an herbal flair.

Instead of the usual serving of lentil I opted for small baked fritters tonight. I mixed red and brown lentils -- the former cook more quickly than the latter, cooked them until tender, drained them, and then added bread crumbs, a little baking soda, some salt and pepper, red pepper flakes, dried parsley, chopped collard greens, and a splash or balsamic as an acid for the soda. This mixture -- originally 64g of dry lentils -- made six fritters, which went onto a lightly oiled baking sheet. They were then sprayed with cooking oil and baked at 350F until crispy on the outside (being turned once). I like them, though I should have made a dipping sauce for them, a chutney or similar.


I'll return to the iBook soon.

The home network works fine, but it's slow, as the wireless router doesn't allow especially fast traffic. It's fine for incoming or outdoing, but for traffic within the network the transfer of large quantities of date is quite ... slow.

Anyway, the iBook works as a good development server. I have MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL installed, but the last I need to setup/confiture. MySQL got configured in the process of installing phpMyAdmin and WordPress. SQLite is file-based and needs no server configuration. PostgreSQL is my preferred free RDBMS, and once it's up and running it's so much better than the other two (though for simple apps that don't require a lot of integrity checking or relational features, SQLite does a fine job; off the shelf MySQL is, all these years in, still a travesty), but each time I install it I have to learn to configure it again.

It's my fault. I only install it every couple years. I never take time to learn to administer it properly. I should install it by following the directions. I should take notes. Uninstall and reinstall several times. Install and configure it with several different options. Set it up with various apps. Wash. Rinse. Repeat ... until it becomes second nature.

But I won't.

Anyway, I want to make sure PostgreSQL is running properly on the iBook so I can then install the trunk (development) version of Django (they have the 1.5 release candidate out ... it's been out since Jan. 4) ... I'm still waiting for the actual release of 1.5. My main interest in Django 1.5, ever since I saw the alpha in October, is the pluggable User module. Since I have the iBook running Apache 24x7, I might as well do an actual Django setup there as well as the development sever, and I should use it with PostgreSQL, not just with SQLite as a test server. And perhaps some future release of Django will deal with composite keys. Or SQLAlchemy will become a viable Django ORM (or at some point I'll just write my own framework so I can use SQLAlchemy ... but I digress).

But now it's almost 11:40pm, and those several sets of squats and lunges just served to remind me how much work my legs need.

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