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Good day but very bad planning.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Here we are again almost midnight and so little done.
We both over slept again but DH slept till 10 am. I made a beef stew in the crock pot and was about to walk with leslie.

The phone rang it was our Nevada son who is hard to catch since he works nights and three hours time difference. That was a lovely surprise. DH was in bed, son was driving home from work and I had a 45 minute chat, with jokes and laughter and OH t was nice. I always hand the phone to DH but this was on MY TIME WOO HOO.

Sleeping late was good , phone call was good but by now it was lunch time and the Stew meat was back in the fridge so I tried again.
Made lunch for DH and phone rang and 2 of our walking buddies called to ask if they could visit, Needless to say that was good so hurriedly packed the dishwasher so the sink was free.
They lost their way and I had to talk them to the house.
We had a long visit and they left just before dark.

BY now there had been no walk with Leslie, DH needed his PT and I was totally wiped. We did some PT but I noticed DH ankle was swollen so I decided to give him a rest and ice his leg.

I sat down fell asleep DH suggested I go to bed , he was watching Jeopardy, he loves that show. First time TV was on all day, That's good I do not like TV unless we choose what we want to watch from Netflix.

I asked DH to wake me but he too fell asleep then I woke up at 9pm and had to get things ready for evening meds etc.

It was a good day we had company,
It was a good day we had naps.
It was a good day I talked to our youngest son for a very ,long time.

HOWEVER, not much Sparking was done.
I am rushing to beat that midnight deadline again.
Tomorrow will be snow so I am happy this day was sociable with real people to talk to for a little change.

Goodnight, I will NOT plan tomorrow it will have to plan itself, depends on the amount of snow we get.
HUGS wonderful Spark Friend GOOD NIGHT! Pat in Maine.
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  • POOHGIRL1970
    BIG SMILE...So wonderful that you had a happy day!
    1945 days ago
    Nothing beats a phone call from a child right? Your beef stew sounds yummy on a cold day.
    1946 days ago
    Pat, it sounds like you had a different type of day that turned out very nice. Good for you. Hope your DH does okay with getting his staples out. My DD4 is doing better. Took her off of some meds and start different ones. DD2 is working on getting better. They are trying to destress her some so her body has a chance to heal. We went to DD1's house tonight for supper. GS bought himself an old pickup truck and is soooo excited. Take care. Things will work out just fine. HUGS, Terry
    1946 days ago
    I'm glad people are checking on you. I know if they are there they will help you if you need it. You are doing great. Just take it a day at a time.
    1946 days ago
    Pat, sometimes these unplanned for days turn out to be real special. I know that you didn't get everything done that you wanted but sounds like you had a good day. How great you got to talk to your son and visit with friends.

    Hope you didn't get much snow. It was 6 degrees when I left Rochester this morning and the drive home was interesting with all the wind.

    hugs....Mary Anne
    1946 days ago
    I find that when my husband has any kind of surgery, I am totally exhausted. I sleep too. Your body needs it too. You are dealing with the stress of being a caregiver, and when our loved ones hurts and goes through stuff, we really feel for them. Take care of you too. Glad to hear your dh is recovering well.
    1946 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Sounds like You. had a Very Good Day. Good Chat with Your Son, Naps, Friends Over. All are very important for Good Mental Health and Well Being. Go with the Flo of Things and Enjoy the Day. Take One Day at a Time. You are doing an Excellent Job. God Bless You and DH. Have a Super Good Day. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1946 days ago
    Gee, Pat, I'm sorry you and dh had a hard time this weekend. I'm glad to read that it's better. I obviously haven't had much time to Spark either but we always do our best to catch up. I hope your day is great and the snow is holding off.
    Thanks for the goodie and note on Saturday. I've just been very busy and had a hard time getting to a computer until now. I know you understand!
    1946 days ago
    Hey, take it easy on yourself!!! Now is the time when you need to slow down a little. You need the rest; you need the social time!!!! Those things are as important as Leslie!!!! Take care!! Hugs to you and Fred!
    1946 days ago

    Give yourself a break. While planning is good, sometimes you have to go with the flow and enjoy it. Now that the surgery is over things will go back to normal over time. Don't stress if you don't have time for Spark. It should be low on your priority list at this point anyway.

    Take Care.

    1946 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Just go with the flow, my Friend.

    Hope the swelling has gone down.

    I saw Barb's comment about compression socks. Good idea.

    Take care and know I am thinking about you.

    1946 days ago
    Oh my dear, the things you did are more important! Glad you did get to spark though.

    As for your DH's swollen ankle:

    1. Is it on the operative leg?
    2. Is he wearing compression hose? IF NOT you might ask the Dr. about them. They are quite often available @ the pharmacy.

    When I had my knee replacement I had to wear the compression stockings (like support hose, only the compression is a little tighter). It helped with the swelling by helping the circulation.

    HUGS and hang in there. Glad that you had a call from your dear son, and visitors. THAT is mentally important!
    1946 days ago
    emoticon *The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men* quote comes to mind reading this~~ emoticon emoticon
    1946 days ago
    It sounds like a very good day to me anyway, my friend!
    1946 days ago
    maybe redefine that day as cut yourself some slack lady and the impportant things got done..the eating ang have been through a lot these past few gentle with yourself!!!
    the lady mary
    1946 days ago
    How wonderful to have a phone visit w/your son & visit from friends! Sometimes, the best days are unplanned! It sounds like you're both catching up on your sleep! That's great!

    Wishing DH a speedy recovery! emoticon
    1946 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/22/2013 7:18:49 AM
    Maybe you need to redefine "good day".
    1946 days ago
    Glad you had a long chat with your son. Sometimes au unplanned day is a blessing in disguise!
    1946 days ago
    Glad you had such a good phone visit with your son and visit from friends. Hope you don't get too much snow. We went to the kids yesterday and got into a whiteout for a bit on the way home. It didn't last long but we drove with the 4 way blinkers on at about 25 mph for about 20 miles. It is really cold here today. Stay warm and take care! emoticon
    1946 days ago
    great having visitors & a call from your son all the best
    1947 days ago
    1947 days ago
    emoticon So glad you got to sleep in.
    Your body needed it, so that is a good thing.
    ow wonderful to have your son call and then a
    visit from friends. Sounds like you had an
    amazing day. Well deserved no doubt.
    Tomorrow is another day so just let it come. emoticon
    1947 days ago
    A very wonderful day for you two.

    Good night Pat......sleep well. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1947 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/22/2013 12:59:10 AM
    Hi Pat,

    Your day yesterday sounds really good to me so don't sweat the small stuff and go with the flow. You don't need to stick to a rigid schedule. If you don't blog for one evening, don't worry about it. Just do what you need to do whether it's taking care of Fred or visiting with friends and family. emoticon
    1947 days ago
    1947 days ago
    Sounds like a good day to me
    1947 days ago
  • KATHY024
    It sounds like you had a very good day! I'm happy that your son called!
    I know what you mean about missing the Spark deadline. I don't know how many times I've tracked my meals on the wrong day!! emoticon
    1947 days ago
    Sounds like there was a lot more plus to the day than not. Glad you had a good chat with your son and friends.

    I made stew yesterday in my electric pressure cooker. LOVED IT!
    1947 days ago
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