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New-found benefit of exercise

Monday, January 21, 2013

I go to church every Sunday, and during the Sacrament (when the bread and water representing Christ's body and blood are passed to the congregation) I write in a journal. I started this habit more than 8 years ago, and have been consistent with it. I wrote about some of the same thoughts as my last blog--struggling with Integrity.

I decided to identify it as "interior Integrity" to be separate from "exterior Integrity" which is my relationship with others.

As I went on a run this morning, I found one way I can improve my "interior integrity". When I walk and run, I repeat phrases in my head to focus and stay motivated. I often say things like: "I love to run" "I am good at running" "Just run to the next lamppost" "I am great" "Keep those curves" "I love myself", just to give you the idea! So I realized I can add "I have interior integrity" to my mantras!

I don't listen to music on my runs, and don't have a program like RunKeeper to time my intervals, so I use landmarks, like the end of the block or the lampposts to divide my walking and running. And sometimes I stop running before I reach the goal I set for myself.

Today I decided that stopping early shows a lack of "interior integrity" and that by pushing myself to run to my goal every time I can increase it. Exercising has so many benefits besides strengthening muscles!

Overall, I had a good day today with my eating choices and with my exercising. I appreciate all the comments on my blogs. SparkPeople is an awesome place, I love the support and also the advice from those who are traveling the same road just a few steps ahead of me.
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