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Monday, January 21, 2013

1. stay away from cheese only 1/2 a cup for the day or stay away fro 14 days. eating late at might.
3. drink lots of water.
4.stay away from artificial flavors drink.
5. go light at night eat a salde.
6. dont eat fruit at night they are high in sugar. all big meal in the morning.
8. burn half of the calories you take in.
9. best time to work out is the morning.
10.stay away from fried food.
11.if you eat bread in the morning dont eat rice that day and if you know your going to eat rice that day dont eat bread.
12.dont starve your self because you will gain wight.

tips that would help us get to our goal we should all do the 12 tips that i gave you guys and see how it work i did the no cheese for 14 day and not eating at night.i eat a salde for dinner and i only drink water.i try to eat my fruit during the day time because i could burn it when i work out.i burn half the calroies i eat so i could feel light.i always work out in the morning because i feel like i have alot of energy.dont make fried food in my house.and i dont eat rice at all because i dont like it.i dont starve my self because i did it one time and when i came to eat something i could not stop eating and i gain about three pound and it took my body a long time to get in to the food that i was eating so that why i say dont starve just eat light.hope i help every one out.
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