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I am tumbling down the mountain and can't stop myself

Monday, January 21, 2013

I have the best of intentions. Start the day with my balanced breakfast, have my food plan all laid out, know what I am doing and Bam!!!! Something comes along, kicks me in the teeth, and I automatically go to whatever I can shove in my mouth, the faster the better.

My twin sister is still not feeling well and will probably be out of work the rest of the week. She feels so bad and if I say anything she takes it the wrong way and it ends up in a fight. Instead of me fighting with her I turn to binging on food. Even went out of my way to drive to the store to get a candy bar.

Why do I stuff myself instead of communicate my feelings. When I try, it is a screaming match. I just don't want to fight. I am guilty of instigating the arguments sometime I think just to sabotage the peace in my life
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    I agree with ExpoGirl50's comment - couldn't have worded it better.
    1974 days ago
    Hi there - how are you doing?

    So I read what you wrote and you've identified some triggers, specifically stressful situations where you end up in an argument.

    Been there - family stress can suck the wind out of our sails and it is easy for us to snap at one another. It's terrible, isn't it? And then we "comfort" ourselves with food.

    You have NO CONTROL over your family member's actions and words and attitudes - NONE.

    What you DO have control over is YOUR RESPONSE and, believe it or not, your INTERPRETATION AND BELIEF about the events that happen in your life. HOW you interpret and what you believe about the events that happen EFFECTS your emotions, behaviors and thoughts.

    Recognize that you can choose to do something other than turn to food. It is HARD but it is POSSIBLE. And doing that hard thing makes all the difference.

    The real challenge is to not fall into the old ways - the habits that cause us to reinforce those same habits. Work to make better ones.

    And most importantly, FORGIVE YOURSELF when you slip up. People slip up from time to time and beating ourselves up about that only makes it worse.

    You are strong.
    Do you know that?
    Strong enough.
    Strong enough to be successful.
    Strong enough to make your goals.
    WAY stronger than you might think!

    Make it a great day!
    1974 days ago
    1974 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear that you are going through so much right now. I don't have any answers, just encouragement! Every day that you get up with your plan and good intentions is a great day. Each day that you exercise is a great day! Keep trying and never give up!
    Please don't let guilt side track you. Stick to your plan to be the best YOU you can be!
    1974 days ago
    Maybe you could decide to walk to the store. You'll probably feel better after you start walking (burning calories and upset), then you could still treat yourself, but maybe a healthy treat. Why do I tell you this...I just did this the other night. I was craving something, so I walked (1.7 miles) to the story. Felt all pumped when I got there, so I just bought a yogurt and strolled home eating that. Didn't feel very guilty about that at all. Remember that you are responsible for how you respond. If your sister's upset, then just "extract" yourself gracefully (you'll feel better just for being the bigger person), and know that you have your priorities and you also have to take care of yourself -- physically, mentally, spiritually. Hang in there!
    1974 days ago
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