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Monday, January 21, 2013

10 pound gone!! emoticon

I've been at this for 2months. 2 months and I've lost 10lbs.

I feel like the guy on the biggest looser who's killing himself and lost 2lbs last week.. (actually, most of his team most 2lbs last week. lol)

But, the difference this week was I ordered out for pizza on friday. (we normally do pizza friday, but I normally have a bowl of salad that looks like it belongs in a mixing bowl, then one piece of pizza. .this time I had like 3 pieces of pizza, then more the next day (leftovers of course) THEN I had mcdonalds saturday night, (wanted to take the kids to the playplace) and i didn't even try to order healthy, and AND I drank a Diet coke. lol I figured it had been long enough to not have migraines and be completely irritated by not having caffiene/pop everyday all day, so I drank probably a half of a 20oz cup. It didn't even taste all that great to me. The cheeseburger and fries were pretty good though. lol Thankfully Levi thought so too, so he decided to eat my food rather than his chicken nuggets (can't blame him, I hate those things. lol) Oh and I haven't been to the gym since thrusday.. and saturday i didn't do any exercise, sunday I played tag with the kids for like 15m.. they can run! lol

Anyway, I figured today was going to be TERRIBLE. I wasn't going to weigh myself until thursday. I got on the scale last week and I had stayed the same, but 2 oz were missing. lol I thought, I might as well face the music.. know what I'm working with so when I get on the scale thursday it won't come as such a shock.. but to my surprise, I had lost a pound.

normally, I'd be kinda ticked at the whole lost another pound, when am I going to be one of those people that loose 20lbs in a month, I'm surely fat enough, lol but this week, I'm happy. that marks 10lbs lost. I just hope I can start loosing it quicker. I know a pound a week is pretty Normal, or considered healthy.. but I think it's barely scratching the surface. I know I can do better.

My mom suggested diet pills. I considered it for awhile, I thought about doing the Sensa thing or ali, but in reality, I know what's going to make me loose the weight, me doing the work. The diet pills won't really help. I know that there's people out there, on SP that have lost 100's of pounds without diet pills or surgery.. and if they can do that, I can loose 80lbs.. I just need to get back my motivation and not let the scale rule my life. :) I'm hoping I'll start fitting into my 20's soon though. the 22's are getting quite big. lol
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    You are 10 pounds lighter than you were! That's fantastic!

    WAY TO GO!

    But a warning: scale victories are great, but Non Scale Victories (NSV) are even better (the scale is a terrible liar sometimes, and can crush the most enthusiastic spirit, so DON'T LET IT!)

    1949 days ago
    10 pounds gone is emoticon ! Don't sell yourself short!

    The contestants on The Biggest Loser are in an unrealistic setting. Pretty much the only things around them are healthy food choices and top-of-the-line fitness equipment and 3 of the best in-your-face trainers in the country. And they get all of it free of charge! No distractions. No McDonalds to tempt them. And a doctor on hand to provide free medical care when they need it.

    Here in the outside world, we just have to do the best we can. We do have distractions and temptations and have to get by with body weight exercises and trainers on the other side of a screen.

    Losing double digits just wouldn't be healthy! What they would be able to do on the Biggest Loser ranch we have to learn without amazing personal instruction and with real world problems! Most of us simply can't devote 8 hours every day to working out and eating only healthy foods provided to us. Truth is, under their conditions, I don' t understand how they DON'T lose double digits every week!

    Don't judge yourself by an unrealistic, Hollywood-esque measure of weight loss! 1 pound a week may not sound like much, but it's great! Stay in that 1-3pound per week range and you'll get there in a healthy way by learning new, sustainable ways of managing your life!

    emoticon emoticon
    1949 days ago
  • AIMEE1983
    Just remember slow is the way to go! If it comes off fast it will come back on faster. Keep up the good work and don't be too hard on yourself. We're all in this together and we have a long road ahead of us, but eventually we will see the finish line. emoticon
    1950 days ago
  • BRANDIM_81
    Everyday is a new day. Everyday is a chance to make better choices. Everyday take small steps to get to where you want to be. It is not about how far you have to go but how far you have gone to being a better, healthier, happier you. Instead of feeling like only 10 pounds about 10 POUNDS GONE ALREADY!!! 10 pounds less than when you started and that is 10 pounds that mean you are doing it, really doing it! 10 pounds is nothing to shrink away from.....

    and don't worry or feel ashamed that it is "only" ten day you will be the one to say 80 day someone will look at you and with amazement in their eyes they will ask..."how did you do it?" and you will be someone's hope and someone's motivation and someone's weight loss story. You can do it, everyday, you are worth it!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1950 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1950 days ago
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