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Trial by Fire!

Monday, January 21, 2013

When will I ever learn? When you volunteer, occasionally, some people will take you up on it. The last time I did it, I volunteered to teach French to a Gr. 4,5,6 class while their teacher taught my Gr. 1,2,3 boys gym class. Well, I did it again. Yesterday when I went to the church service, I was talking to administrator and he said some times he gets cancellation calls for the cook for the soup kitchen as late as 10am that a.m. So, I said well I can give you my number, I only live 2 min. up the street, I can sub. So, guess who I heard from today.. He had a late cancellation at 10 and could I be there for 11?

Well, let's go back a few hours, our oil ran out around 5am so, I was awake since about 6, calling bro - owner of the building, and then oil company and finally I put $200 on my credit card and they delivered oil by 10:10. I had been doing the dishes - warms you up if you have hands in hot water... So, I said, I'd be there.
MIl called a few minutes later and wanted us to meet her over town...can't... maybe tomorrow.
I had plans for a slow cooker beef stew today, so I got that altogether before I left too.

So, the trial by fire.... no helpers, just me... well, one guy was volunteered to come and help peel potatoes. I was to make liver and onions, potatoes and carrots. I have never made so many cooking mistakes in all my days of cooking, the potatoes burned, so did the carrots and the liver too... but the onions were great, kind of carmelized I guess. Anyway, nothing destroyed, and the liver actually turned out really good, crispy on the outside, but tender inside. I was invited (and expected) to eat so I kind of had to. Carrots were rescued on time so no burnt taste, but it will be quite a job to clean the pot. Administrator and his assist? kept coming in and out, but no help... I had never even been in the kitchen before, so did well I guess. ANyway, very little leftovers, or throw aways either for that matter, and it was appreciated... I was thanked and complimented. My upstairs neighbour came for lunch and came in and helped me clean up by doing the dishes... it was supposed to be all in the job.. I cleaned the stove. Here's a fake-it idea... there was no flour or bread crumbs to coat the liver, so I used Bisquick - don't know if that is what made it taste so good, but I haven't eaten it in years, and it was good..

Last nite, I prayed for God to show me what he wanted me to do and how I could help... how's that for an immediate answer to prayer. And I got my Sz 4 sweater knitted up the underarms and got the first sleeve up to the elbow too. Terri, come on up anytime, and I will teach you to knit and crochet too, if you want...

Just invited dh's cousin and her dh to enjoy our beef stew with us, so gotta run and shower..
So supper was excellent, I told them they were the 13 & 14th people I served today... We don't have a table yet, so we had to get creative. We don't have a microwave yet either, so we put the rolls in on top of the stew and everything turned out most excellent. Then we chatted and caught up and we had picked up a 45 minute documentary on the history of the Steel PLant, so we watched that before they hurried off to their bible study for 6:30. So dishes all done and we can relax and watch tv and I will continue knitting and sparking.
Good nite all.
p.s. And an old boss of mine used to always ask, "So what did you learn from this?" I think I need to learn the lesson that it's ok not to be perfect and even if you make mistakes, people can still appreciate you.

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