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Realizations in My Journey

Monday, January 21, 2013

Things have been going well. I am overall doing really well with everything. I am noticing a few things. Do you notice this too?

emoticon My body CRAVES water. When I am low, I feel it.
emoticon When I overeat a lot one day (200+ calories over range) I always step on the scale the next day to see the damages.
emoticon The scale is always just about the same when I overeat
emoticon When I overeat, I generally also lack water
emoticon When I overeat and no drink enough water, I get lazy

All of these realizations have made me wonder...

emoticon Would I have lost weight had I stuck to my ranges?
emoticon If I would have kept drinking water, would I have made better choices?
emoticon Why don't I workout before I eat at home?

Anyone have ideas? emoticon

Here's the thing. If I worked EVERY.DAY, I would have no problems. Yes, I am less active at my desk job, but I also eat accordingly. I have very light days (low end of my range) when I am at work for a whole day and, in turn, am less active.

There is just something about the structure of work and having a limit to the food here that helps me succeed.

Two and a half years ago, I worked for the same company in a different division. I was working at trade shows and events, promoting our products. At that time, I was walking CONSTANTLY (5 hour shift meant 5 hours of standing and walking --- no sitting allowed). I was VERY active and didn't have to do a whole lot to drop weight.

The other side of that coin is that when you are at events, there is greasy, tempting food EVERYWHERE. I worked at the county fairs where burgers, deep-fried cheese curds and cream puffs were the normal meals. Yea, I ate them.

So now that I have moved up in the company and run my own showroom, work with marketing and manage the people that do the very same job I did back then, I just have different challenges and benefits.

As I am getting ready for my big vacation this week, I am thinking of different ways I will manage everything down in Mexico. Having buffet lines and unlimited access to alcohol is a bit scary for me. I want to be successful, but I also want to relax.

My goal is to keep moving and utilize the long beaches for some great workouts that are quite different than trying to manage the ice and snow like I am doing now.

I would love to hear some feedback from all of you. How do you make vacations a positive experience in your weight loss journeys?

The next time I blog will likely be after my 8-day trip. It will be filled with pictures and memories. Have a great couple of weeks, Spark People!
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    Listen to me closely: PORTION CONTROL!!!! And... EAT LIGHTLY AT NIGHT!!! That's it ;)
    1926 days ago
    Vacation can unglue your attempts to get healthy. What I've done the past years is map a route that I can walk/jog/run around the beach or condo we are staying in. (Never been to Mexico, but I'm going to guess that the beach is going to be AMAZING) and I would do that every morning before everyone else was up and ready to go. I also stuck to a healthy breakfast at the condo/room in the morning (oatmeal/egg whites/etc) to allow for more of my 'calorie budget' at bigger/sit down/restaurant meals. I'd also try to stick to a healthy lunch or dinner if I splurged at another meal-- If we had a fattening lunch, I'd get a salad with grilled fish/shrimp for dinner instead of over-indulging again. And WATER WATER WATER, even when I had a mixed drink, I'd get a water to go with it. (Now, mind you, I've allowed 30ish pounds to creep back on, but I did it once and I can do it again!) These things helped me stay on track but I was also able to enjoy my vacation. Jogging/Walking the beach is a big plus, b/c you get to enjoy the scenery and exercise! Hope your vacation is AWESOME!
    1944 days ago
    I used to gain 10+# every year on vacation, but I have got that down to 2 this year that were gone in 2 days. What I do is do as much fun exercise as possible, biking, swimming, running, hiking, take walks after meals, do yoga after a workout so really you are still moving. If you are at a resort they usually have stuff like pool volleyball and things to keep you moving too. I splurge on the things I REALLY like and leave those that aren't as important for me to have. If you like alcohol, try to do low calorie drinks like liquor with club soda and lime. Have a great time!
    1945 days ago
    Eat in moderation and ALWAYS have a water with you! Its hard with the buffets, but eat a lot of fruit and no desserts, or only splurge on the wedding day or something. And you'll be doing a lot of walking and swimming, so that'll help too! Have SO much fun! I'm soooo jealous!
    1945 days ago
    this last year I went on one trip and ACTUALLY lost weight and the second one I gained only 2pounds. Its tough but I did do some exercise and drink my water the whole time both trips. I also tried to eat smart 80% of the time and just have OCASSIONAL treats or try interesting things (food wise) ! You can do it and not feel like a total let down when you get home by choosing wisely when to splurge !!

    good luck and have a good time !!

    1945 days ago
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