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Monday, January 21, 2013

I have written on the knee/hip replacement team many times over the past 2 months about my office project! (yeah it took that long!!) And actually if you count the planning and the buying of 'stuff' it was over 3 months!! So I decided to make it a blog than more pics on my SPpage!! I do think the project taught me a few things about patience (not a strong point of mine!) I am very happy with the outcome -- so yes it was worth the wait! I am a scrapbooker -- gone astray -- b/c if things aren't 'in their place' I found I couldn't continue my crafting! So hence the reason for the project. And I have been thinking lately about my committment I made to myself in September -- I stayed STRONG for over 3 months but this month I have let my commitment to myself waiver. So as I look around my office and see the finished (well almost - the doors have to be put back on the closet, a light needs to be installed under the shelving over my paper cutter, and a few tweaks here and there) product -- I have to think about my journey. I committed to this project over 3 months ago. It was tough at times and it was really hard to find someone to bring it to 'fruition' - mainly the shelving. But I found someone and got over that 'big hump'. So now I have to think about ME again -- what do I NEED to do to get over this hump/lull/bump in the road I've gotten myself into....So today I re-commit myself to me....I will track food and exercise (now you know it has to be bad when you ARE exercising and then NOT posting it!!!)
The BEFORE paint job ---

The paint color choices -- 3 of them! See which one I chose!

More BEFORE --- did I mention I HATE this sponge painting!!! (I didn't do it!)

AFTER --- in the center will be a bulletin board put up -- still a work in progress!


And of course I added my love of DISNEY!!

And of course one more ---
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