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Monday, January 21, 2013

Today's weigh-in day for the Holiday Challenge & I'm really excited by what I saw on the scale this morning. I was expecting to actually be up a little bit this week because I ended up only having three 30-35min cardio workouts & 1-2 days with a few ST exercises, and I had ended up going over my current calorie range most days.

Instead, when I stepped on the scale I got readings between 206.4-207lbs!! Down a minimum of 2 lbs! I did multiple weighings because I like to only take whichever shows up three times (it's the scientist in me). 206.6 came up twice, but 208.6 ended up eeking out the winning spot. So I'm saying that I'm down 2.2lbs this week, which is the biggest decrease I've seen in months!

The unfortunate thing is that I'm not totally sure what caused the loss since I overate my calorie (sometimes by 500cal) and didn't burn off the minimum number for the week. I don't know if I should consider eating a greater number of calories or if I should still shoot for lower & just try to keep getting regular exercise. *sigh*

Either way, I'm going to continue trying to stick to getting some kind of exercise every day.

In terms of thesis stuff, I didn't get my chapters in on the weekend, but I should have one submitted today. I got major feedback from a friend yesterday on my draft and spent 4h last night (until 1am) trying to incorporate it. I think I'll be able to finish that up and any last minute touches today. I also received feedback on my intro chapter from my supervisor, so I'm going to work on that too. The odd thing is that she had told me last time to make my intro chapter only 5 pages or so since all the lit is in the next chapter. This time I had it at about 6 or 6 pages and most've her feedback was "add to this section". :/ Ah well! The only somewhat disappointing this is that she mentioned that she's completely busy for the next 2 weeks and won't look at anything new that I send her until after that. I understand (and am happy she still has another one of my chapters already to look at), but it's a little frustrating when we both know that I'm behind, but trying to get out of this degree and the window for graduating this spring is small. Instead of letting it make me less motivated, I'm trying to use it to continue to motivate myself to get more stuff in so that when she *is* available that she'll have to power through a bunch of my stuff.
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