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That @#%*(%%$#$@ Scale

Monday, January 21, 2013

I am one of those weight loss people who get on the scale every single day to see what number pops up. Before I would grumble and snarl. I'm trying to learn to see any gain as, " what did I do differently yesterday that has caused this?" instead of the usual grumble and snarl.

I had one SparkFriend tell me to go w/o that @#$^%^*%^$% scale for a week. It was easier to give up Mt. Dew and McDonalds Sweet Tea than not stepping on the scale every morning. And so, this morning I had gained 0.5lbs emoticon

Reviewing yesterday, I realize that the choices I made, eating a second helping of baked chicken and rice albeit a smaller 2nd helping and having a Speedway frozen Mt. Dew slushie, contributed to the weight gain. emoticon

Yet reviewing my numbers count from yesterday, I didn't go over any of my counts, even with the slushie. So, I chalked up the gain as a reminder to myself that an occasional slushie (1st one I'd had in 2wks!) or a 2nd helping is not the
path to successful weight loss.

My worth is not determined by the number on that #@%*&(^$%#@ scale.
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  • PICKIE98
    You may have cured yourself of wanting to look ever day!! If the focus is on getting healthy, learning new habits to a new lifestyle, then the scale should be just another tool to guide, not rule, you life. a half pound is 1 cup of something, a cup of water.. a cup of juice,,

    When we O.D on that scale, we obsess and stress,, this new lifestyle is about changes, not races.. BE kind to you, be patient as you would with me..
    2253 days ago
    Unfortunately, our weight fluctuates SO MUCH during just the course of the day, let alone a week. I know how hard it is, trust me, but you should work on only weighing yourself once a week. It's very hard to do, but that will give you a more accurate estimate of your weight loss. Anything at all can make your weight fluctuate a half pound (how much water have you had? did you just eat? have you been to the bathroom in a while? are you wearing anything heavier? etc.). It's so hard and I still have difficulty only stepping on a scale once a week. I still find myself doing it everyday sometimes, it's like crack! But you will feel better if you don't, trust me, lol.

    2253 days ago
  • MAGA99
    2253 days ago
    Keep up the tracking - as long as you're consistent (and honest - I'll admit to having cheated before) it'll work out. 0.5 pounds - it could be worse!!! Just remember that it's not an easy journey and that scale is not the only measure of how YOU are doing.
    2253 days ago
  • BEEJAY49
    I'm with your friend who said stay off that scale every day. :) Once a week is more than enough. So many things can account for a little gain now and then, water retention, stress, not enough sleep, and so on. Do your best to just pick one day a week to step on that mean little gadget and find something else to do in place of it the rest of the mornings. :) Hang in there you can do it. Love you! HUGS!
    2254 days ago
    I am so with you, but I am addicted to the scale as well. I work out for 2 hours a day and that dang scale didn't move (except for the occassional gain) in a month and a half. So I took the day off yesterday and cleaned my cave/room. I do all my work, sleep, hanging out in my room with paperwork scattered all over my bed and floor.

    So I cleaned yesterday, forgot to eat, didn't step on the scale, and spent the evening until 5am this morning with a friend who had come over to visit. Got on the scale today and had lost 4 pounds in 2 days. Go figure!
    2254 days ago
    Don't worry ! A .5 gain really isn't that unusual and it certainly doesn't mean you did something wrong the day before. I can gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight.

    And well, not to get TMI, but did you have a bowel movement this morning ? Your waste products have weight. So, if you didn't do a poop this morning, the physical weight of all the food you ate the day before is still in your intestines. Try this some time. Weigh yourself before and after a bowel movement. You'll see a difference in the scale. In some cases, it can be quite substantial.

    Which is why people shouldn't beat themselves up if they happen to see a dramatic gain or loss over the course of a couple of days. Our weight really can and does vary from day to day.

    Remember, there is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning.

    2254 days ago
    I too weigh daily, it keeps me in check.
    We heal from the inside out, so if you stayed within your range it is either sodium or solid waste in your body yet to be eliminated.
    Tomorrow will look better I am sure.
    Good luck!

    Belinda emoticon
    2254 days ago
    You should take your measurements. I was surprised to discover my waist had decreased by 1.5 inches when I felt like I was on the longest plateau! Non-scale victories can be very sweet!
    2254 days ago
  • SNS1968
    2254 days ago
    Keep tracking and reflecting. You're going to make it! The scale is only one measure of your success! You're learning soooooo very much! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us! emoticon
    2254 days ago
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