Survived Kickboxing Class :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

My bootcamp trainer also teaches kickboxing classes at CKO Kickboxing in a town about 20 minutes from home so a few of us decided to give it a try. It's normally $20/class and they give you the gloves. Right now they are running a special of $20 for one week of unlimited classes, gloves included. So of course, we went for the week.

We arrived a little early to sign up and get some basic instruction...then the 1 hour class began! WOW it was one hell of a workout!! Started with a warm up of jump rope for 2 minutes then some stretching. We went through a series of drills with the bags, then would stop for pushups and a few other exercises, back to the drills, stop for running 4 laps around the gym, back to drills, stop for burpies, drills, etc. It ended with a few minutes of ab work then a nice stretch.

Even though I messed up a few of the drills by doing the moves out of order or doing the wrong ones lol, I really enjoyed it. And definitely had an awesome workout. We will be going back Wednesday night and again on Sunday morning.

I'm not sure I will join after the week trial. I need to find out the membership options and see if it's worth the drive. I know 20 minutes isn't a long drive but the route it takes to get there isn't the we'll see. My membership to my current gym expires the end of May and I have already decided I'm not renewing. So I might wait until May to join the kickboxing gym, or maybe I'll just sporadically take classes to mix things up...I'll have to take some time to think about it.

Have a great day!
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