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Monday, January 21, 2013

Okay, so since the last post I have tried a couple of things that I'd purchased or considered trying.

South Beach tuna meal - Edible but not very tasty. it's just a bland type of cracker, packet of tuna in water, small amount of mayo, wedge of cheese and chocolate covered soynuts. The wedge of cheese was the best tasting part of it and only okay at that. I am not a fan of the soynuts and didn't finish them. The crackers i ended up tossing in the bowl of tuna (small amount) and mixed, eating with a spoon, but really needed more flavor to it for me. Probably won't buy again since it's 7.99$.

SlimFast snack bar (chocolate mint) - Delicious. Very tasty for anyone who likes mint and chocolate combinations. I eat them as a little snack at work when i can take one of my shorter breaks or at times along with my lunch break. I ended up buying a second box before I'd finished the first just to get them on the sale price of 3.99$ before it goes up. (I didn't eat them all in a day or week or anything like that, I promise.)

Slimful bars - Surprisingly, not bad. The tangerine one has an amazing scent and a pretty good flavor. The honey almond flavor is also a good flavor, though my favorite is the tangerine out of the two I've tried. There is a chocolate one too. I like that it encourages drinking water with it (8 oz) so I get a bit extra water instead of sneaking in soda or something. Not a bad snack for 90 calories, though still need to have good meals the rest of the day of course.

Escali scale - I can weigh myself now. Yay! I don't know if the body fat and water weight numbers are accurate but if the water is close I really need to up my water intake. Maybe my headaches are from not having enough water. hmmm Cause according to my round scale I am over in body fat and under in recommended water percentage. Glad I'm cutting down the soda and drinking more water now.

I also have been listening to fit related podcasts. Right now I'm listening to old episodes of Fat to Fit Radio. Finding the topics interesting to listen to and keep my mind focused on what I'm trying to do: be healthier.

Next idea to try: protein shakes. I am not a fan of the vanilla flavor or the chocolate flavor when adding berries to them as I think the shakes should have added to them. I also am hesitant to try whey cause I don't know what in dairy my body reacts to with the ickyness and itching. So, I'm looking at a soy based one (unflavored or... strawberry). I'm also looking at little vitamin supplements and such to maybe add, like flax and such that I hear others mentioning. Maybe fiber. hmmm But first I need a blender. I don't want one that costs much, for if I spend over 30$ on a blender then i won't have money to buy food in order to use it. But that may be my venture in february. We will have to wait and see.
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    Thanks for the comment.

    The bars are easier for me at work as I only get 30 minutes and I'm a slow eater. And I need the calories as I've just managed to up my food intake from twice a day to three times a day. While eating healthier also means I'm having a harder time getting enough calories each day.

    I never even thought about adding coffee to a protein shake. With the whey I am looking at different protein powders to add into a shake. The soy one with fruit and what not added I'm hoping will be tasty.
    2487 days ago
    Right now is probably a good time to buy a blender -- but check on Amazon.com and see if you can find a better deal there. Sometimes the things you find are amazing!! I am a big believer in protein drinks or smoothies. If you are allergic to milk, you might like the chocolate protein drink I make for myself as I use cold coffee as the liquid. Add a sweet n'low if you like your drinks a bit sweeter -- and of course it is best made in a blender, but shaking in a jar will do the trick for now. I have not tried the whey, but noticed my doctor friends keeps it on hand. Also he does the protein drink I just mentioned with coffee -- sometimes uses soy or almond milk.

    I think the meals and bars you've been trying are a bit on the expensive side. I'm with you -- don't like soy nuts much, and you could have made a tuna salad that tasted better and had enough for 2 or 3 meals for less money. Add a chopped up hard boiled egg and a tbsp. of light mayo, plus some chopped pickle for crunch.

    I used to eat a lot of the bars you talk about, but have discovered I hardly ever eat them any longer -- just lost my taste for them. My my snack is more likely to be a Nature's Own thin bagel in Cinnamon/Raisen -- only 110 calories!
    2487 days ago
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