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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nothing Spark-related really - just for fun!

A - Available or attached: Attached.

B - Book: I am not a big reader anymore - crazy as a kid for it, but I'm still getting over university required readings. I love the Harry Potter series, I've read them through 3-4 times and will probably do that again soon. I am currently rereading The Hunger Games trilogy

C - Cake or pie: Please don't make me choose. Pie on a more regular basis, but if it's cake I'm craving, nothing can substitute.

D - Drink of choice: Water, Milk, Protein shakes/drinks

E - Essential item: Chapstick. Heart rate monitor. Water bottle.

F - Favorite color: PINK

G - Game to play or watch: Play: we are big board/card game people! Settlers of Catan, Life, Monopoly Deal, Battleship (both classic and card)... watching football is pretty well the only sport I like. I can't stand to watch Brad play video games more than about 10 minutes, but I enjoy Mario Party and MarioKart

H - Hair: Brown, straight - and thicker than it's been in 10 years (thank you pregnancy!!)

I - Indulgence: Full fat ice cream

J - Job: I'm an RN (for 3.5 more shifts!!) then it's off for a year to be a MOMMY!

K - Kids and names: One coming in about a month - his name will be Elliott

L - Life is incomplete without: Love and laughter

M - Music group: I dreamed the other night that BSB went on a comeback tour involving bowling and wave pools - I was their pregnant groupie. Shiz got weird.

N - Number of siblings: One older brother.

O - Oranges or apples: I go back and forth - currently I'm kinda neither

P - Phobias/fears: Moths need to go extinct... like yesterday. Can't stand to have my ankles trapped either

Q - Favorite quote: "Where focus goes, energy flows, and that thing grows" - unknown.

"Being pregnant and being fit are not mutually exclusive" - ME! In the change room a few weeks ago this popped into my brain - it's my new mantra and if I ever choose to follow a career in fitness, it will be prenatal/postnatal focused!

R - Reason to smile: I'm gonna be a Mommy!!

S - Season: (You spelled fall wrong Emma!) - Fall!

T - Tattoos: A large red tiger lily between my shoulder blades. I will very likely get something to honor my son after he is born - I'm thinking some kind of bean sprout/stalk, but I don't know where on my body

U - Unknown fact about me: Haha, what *don't* you people know about me? Ummm... my right tonsil got chronically swollen due to having an earring back stuck in my ear canal for 7 years.

V - Vegetable you love: red pepper!

W - Worst habit: Haha - the fact that if I could, I would never shower. I hate the process of getting in the shower and I stallllllllll every time

X - X-rays: No thanks, I'm preggers!

Y - Your favorite food: Yeah, that's funny, ask the pregnant woman who still has trouble with food addiction that question. There is no answer to this!

Z - Zodiac sign: Sagitarrius!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wowza, there are some big-time interesting Grace factoids in here -- wave pools and BSB? Earring backs stuck in ears??? (which, thank goodness it wasn't some kind of bug, the very idea skeeves me out like nobody's business!) You are just too funny, thanks for sharing these!

    It is so awesome you will have a year off to enjoy Elliott and being a new mom! Wish the ol' USA would adopt that idea too!
    1975 days ago
    Preeeeeeeeeeeetty sure fall is spelled A-U-T-U-M-N.

    1976 days ago
    BSB, bowling, wave pool, pregnant groupie.


    1977 days ago
    Ok I have to ask ... Im assuming I know how the earing back got stuck in you ear, but howd you know it was there ...? Was it unremoveable? Im totally freaked out for you ... :)
    1977 days ago
    Haha that was fun! emoticon Love your mantra! Just had to comment that I love your "worst habit"- it's totally mine too! Ever since I was a little girl, and until today, I hate the process of getting in the shower (once I'm in, it's all good)!
    1977 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Thanks for sharing!

    1978 days ago
    You are the sweetest person. Red peppers are awesome! Have a wonderful evening.
    1978 days ago
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