Eyes wide open

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I have been on sparkpeople since 2007. 5 years of trying to lose and maintain weight. Funny how 5 years can go by and seem both like an eternity, and a blink of an eye at the same time. I've learned so much in my 5 year journey. To lose weight during 2007, I started running, 4 days a week. This was fine when I wasn't working and I could commit to both being there 100% for my family, and focus on my wellbeing. A health follow up showed I was anemic from the weight loss and dietary changes, and also a heart murmur that causes exercise and breathing a little more difficult. There was also the limitations of running when the weather was in my favour only. By the time August rolled around I couldn't take the humidity anymore. Sept I started college and could take advantage of the free gym pass. The first year wasn't too bad, however late nights, coffee drinking, and on the go food, found my 10 pounds I had previously lost. By the end of year 2 ( 2009) I had gone to the doctors for excessive pain. Studying, writing, typing, constant sitting, exam writing, and family stress had taken it's toll. I spent 2 months with a massage therapist, chiropractor, and physiotherapist to help release all the tight balls of muscle causing my. Intensive pain. Myocardial pain syndrome, they called it. I was advised to not run on treadmill anymore unless I considered orthotics with a heel lift. Crazy I know. So I just got used to the fact I had this weight gain and no professionals really cared that I wanted to lose it. So 2011 comes around, I finally graduate and start with a great job right away. My hubby assures me that because I will be mobile and active again, most of my stress is gone, and our financial burden is improving, overweight will just melt away. Not so. Instead I manage to gain another 5 lbs over the next year. This is with healthy eating, and light exercise. Oct 2012 I weigh in at 148. 30 lbs heavier than a few years ago. I logged into sparkpeople and realized this has been my battle for 5 years! About the same time an acquaintance invited me to her house for some product meeting. I politely said I'd think about, but didn't have any intention of going. If it wasnth for my hubby telling her that she would have to drag me because I usually cancel, than I would have never gone. I listened about the products, and then told her that because I had tried everything with no real success, that it wouldn't work for me. Besides I ate healthy, and was educated, and work in the health industry. Some of the products include cleansing which I wasn't opposed to. I had a lifelong friend that cleanses from time to time. So I contacted her for her cleansing regimen which was mainly water and brown rice. A few days later, after researching this company I decided what the heck. It was a 30 day system, let's face it after a 5 year struggle, this would be a mere blip in my chart. It came with a 100% money back guarantee which I thought I would use, if I had allergies to anything. My hubby started with me, which was the best thing that could have happened. We held each other accountable. We followed the 30 day system to a T. At the end of 30 days I lost 11 lbs and over 16 inches from my body. The 2nd month I lost another 5.5 lbs and another 3.5 inches ( and this was during Christmas). My 3rd month is here and although I haven't taken my measurements I have lost another 3.5 lbs and that is Wuthering an all inclusive week of splurging while on vacation. I have hit the 20 lb weight loss in 3 months, during the holidays, and nothing I have done has interfered with family time, my health, my finances. This program is wonderful, and although I was doing everything right and not losing weight, I believe the cleansing has helped my body release the fat, and function at it's optimum. My eyes are wide open now, and I'm thankful for that leap of faith to try something new, this is what it's all about. I will you keep you updated on my accomplishments with this program.
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